Atlas Pain – Tales Of A Pathfinder

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Atlas Pain – Tales Of A Pathfinder
Released: 2019, Scarlet Records
Reviewed: July, 2019
Reviewer: JP
Rating: 4/5

The first Atlas Pain album, really caught my ear back in 2017 and I gave it a great review.  I’m pleased to day the band has released their sophomore effort and it is also a nice continuation of the bands legacy.

TALES OF A PATHFINDER, sees little change in the technical aspects of the band, the quartet line-up is the same, the band is still with Scarlet Records and the gorgeous artwork is once again created by Jan Yrlund.  If it is not broken, don’t fix it!

TALES OF A PATHFINDER is slightly more conceptual storyline and this time delves a bit into a steam-punk theme.  The album starts with a really neat intro with sound effects and an opening monologue from an old-time showman,  master of ceremonies from maybe a circus or theater.  The album climbs from high to high with lush scores, orchestral interludes, complex song-writing and enough Metal to keep it heavy. Sound effects and some narration only add character to this compelling record. The lyrics are intriguing and adventurous and delivered with power.

Atlas Pain have really stumbled upon something here, mixing theatre, steam-punk imagery, Metal all blended together with something that Nightwish might cook up, epic in scale, grandiose in execution.  This is another enchanting tale of an album from one of my new favourite bands.


Track listing:

1.The Coldest Year
2. The Moving Empire

3. Hagakure’s Way
4. Ódauðlegur
5. The Great Run
6. Kia Kaha
7. Baba Jaga
8. Shahrazād
9. Homeland
10. The First Sight of a Blind Man

Line Up:

Samuele Faulisi-Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Riccardo Floridia-Drums
Louie Raphael-Bass
Fabrizio Tartarini-Guitar