Ministry & Dying Fetus – Tampere Finland

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The 17th of June 2019


The long time US industrial metallers Ministry recently toured by crisscrossing Europe and of course arrived at Finland, not Helsinki, but instead Tampere. Ministry have only visited at the Finnish metal/rock festivals several times, not ever having done any indoor gigs. As a result over 1000 tickets had been sold in advance and the legendary Tullikamari club was quite crowded. The The mighty Dying Fetus had been added to take over the support slot. That definitely brought different kind of crowd for that gig. 

Dying Fetus was basically an eccentric and interesting choice to open for Ministry. However the three piece got the great respond from the audience. The pit broke out quite a few times and people truly enjoyed about Dying Fetus’ brutal and deadly approach. There were a bunch of death metal maniacs in the audience for Fetus. However Ministry does appeal to metal maniacs over the genre. Dying Fetus offered a brutal lesson of the raw and intensive playing and performance of how a three piece can create. Dying Fetus definitely gained more fans while supporting Ministry, as the ruthlessness was so raw and once again brutal.


Ministry’s gig started with all kinds of video material and clips about the US government and their president, were shown and reflected on the screen. The clips created a certain depressive mood, but otherwise they tried to let the audience know what the band and above all Al Jourgensen thinks and views on the current political climate in The States.

The audience appeared to be in the sleepy mode in the beginning of the set as it was based on the material taken from the latest Ministry effort AMERIKKKANT. Al Jourgensen has always been extremely outspoken to express his opinions and standpoints of the US government as stated above.  “Antifa” is another good example of Ministry’s way of waking the people up from the different sides. The lyrics go like “We are not snowflakes, we are antifa”, it definitely makes a eyeball roll for someone. Was it basically a smart idea to do a number of songs from AMERIKKKANT ? Yes and no – yes as it is the latest Ministry album which the band wants to play as many songs as possible. No the people were waiting for the more known songs all the time. Maybe the songs could have been played in a random order.

As the AMERIKKKANT saga had been finished, the audience literally woke up from the coma, when these known songs started roaring out of the monitors. The audience was out of control, when old classic songs such as “Stigmata” “Jesus Built My Hotrod” etc got played. There was no way of skipping these songs as they are pure immortal industrial classic ones. The 90 minute set was concluded by the Revolting Cocks cover tune “No Devotion”.

The Ministry crew squeezed one heck of a gig. The sweatdrops were running in every guy of the band as it was so burning hot in the venue. That didn’t prevent the band from giving 110% themselves at the stage. Both Sin Quirinn, Paul D’Amour and Cesar Soto kept raging and banged their head and bodies thru the whole time in that warm temperature. Al Jourgesen occasionally picked up the guitar as well as focused on singing and communicating with the crowd. After the gig Paul D’Amour was soaked and was in a need of ices for his wrist.

Ministry was tight and to be honest the sounds were sharp and loud. Above all Al Jourgensen seems not to slow down, just keeping on poking the US politicial system.

AmeriKKKant :
Twilight Zone
Victims of a Clown
We’re Tired of It
Game Over

Classics :
The Missing
Jesus Built My Hotrod(Red Line/White Line version)
Just One Fix
No Devotion(Revolting Cocks cover)