Soto – Origami

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Band: Soto
Title: Origami
Label: Inside Out
Released: 2019
Reviewed: July 2019
Reviewer: JP
Rating:  3.5/5

Man, could Jeff Scott Soto one of the most prolific, most in demand signers in all of Hard Rock and Metal?  Do yourself a favour and go have look on his website or Wikipedia or something to get an idea of the dozens of bands he has sung with.  It is no surprise that it is time for a new Soto album.  I’ll admit I’ve never really understood the difference between a Jeff Scott Soto solo album and the band called Soto.   The press release says, “SOTO originally started out in 2015, derived from the idea of Jeff Scott Soto wanting to return to his heavier roots.”,  but that is not really the case.  Soto is still just classic melodic Hard Rock that occasionally dips into Metal territory, no different than his other solo stuff.  I suppose it doesn’t matter, I’m a big fan so I’m happy to have more material with him on it!  ORIGAMI is the third Soto album and it is welcome in my listening library.

ORIGAMI does admittedly have a slightly more modern vibe with some effects and things, but it is not the dramatic difference you might be led to believe.  The whole 10 song, 45 minute album is chockfull of melodic Metal cuts with the emphasis on Soto’s indestructible voice.  Fans of Work Of Art, Eclipse, Talisman or W.E.T. will enjoy this collection, it is right up that alley.   Highlights for me are the lead-off track ‘Hyper Mania’ and ‘Detonate’ and ‘Dance With The Devil’.
The Soto band is full of some experienced guys people who have worked with Almah, Chris Caffery and Mago De Oz and they provide the right tone and tempo for these songs.  The production is great as well although I’ll admit I’m a bit surprised to see the Prog label Inside Out signing Soto, maybe they are expanding into more melodic mainstream direction with their roster.

ORIGAMI continues the pretty flawless track-record and reputation of Jeff Scott Soto and easily a must-own for fans of the man.  Hey look, I just wrote an actual Soto review without mentioning that Jeff Scott Soto used to sing for Yngwie J. Malmsteen..oh wait…I just messed that up.    That’s OK, that is ancient history and Jeff is his own man, signing on about 50 albums since then.  Go buy them all!

Track Listing

1. HyperMania

2. Origami

3. BeLie

4. World Gone Colder

5. Detonate

6. Torn

7. Dance With The Devil

8. AfterGlow

9. Vanity Lane

10. Give In To Me


Jeff Scott Soto – Vocals

Jorge Salan – Guitar

Tony Dickinson – Bass

BJ – Keys/Guitar

Edu Cominato – Drums