Sathamel – Horror Vacui

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Reviewed: July 2019
Released: 2019, Self-released
Rating: 4.5/5
Review by: Ambra Chilenwa

I was recently instructed to take my time and discover fairly new material by UK blackened death metal outfit Sathamel, who demonstrate a rather modern yet nostalgic black metal style, which is soaring in popularity in the UK metal scene. This is the band’s first ever full-length release following after a demo, an EP, a single and a live album; the band has also been featured in Metal Music Austria and Terrorizer Magazine.

As I dug my ears into the opening track, I noticed unpredictable forms of dark musical sounds being illustrated in one track – from death metal vocals dancing with shrieks of rawness and evil to a somber and sinister melody enchanting along, The riffs are a clear representation of the clean, dark yet nostalgic and cold form of black metal being produced today, as mentioned before. My first impression later turned into an overall fulfilment after dangerous blast beats were affixed into the track. This track, Libera Me, was a very fierce start to an album which I believed now had more to offer; the free verse lyrics were written by the 4-piece outfit paint a clear picture of the band’s stance against religion and its embrace for occult aesthetic, shown in The Devil’s Hand.

Raise Flame From Ash and Of Spilled Wine And Broken Glass were the main tracks that projected to me as I felt they contained an ear-satisfying style of drumming, tenebrous guitar solos and war-ready tremolo picking, which shares a slight resemblance to likes of A Hill to Die Upon and Behemoth. To summarise, the release opened with a haunting and emotive piece later leading on to assembling an army of villains and fiends; a very distinctive way to introduce a shredding release.


1. Libera Me 05:51
2. Horror Vacui 04:33
3. Raise Flame from Ash 02:38
4. A New Age of Lycanthropy 04:21
5. The Devil’s Hand 03:56
6. Whispers of a Husk 03:49
7. Świt 03:56
8. There Where is No Time 03:54
9. Of Spilled Wine and Broken Glass 07:41

Band line-up:
Kruk – Vocals
KVM – Guitars
Cygnus – Guitars
Nadir – Bass
Reykr – Drums