Sacred Reich – Awakening

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July 2019
Released: August 23rd, 2019 / Metal Blade Records
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Sacred Reich! Well, they finally got it done. After what, 23 years are set to unleash AWAKENING to the masses. Now I do not want that to come off as too sarcastic as it is not meant to sound that way. They guys have been busy since reforming and being just a touring act for the past few years. Be it pressure from fans of old and new, or just a natural progression, here we have another in the belt of their discography.
At first listen, this one did not sink in as I thought it should. I was somewhat of a fan of the IGNORANCE and THE AMERICAN WAY albums and played the death out of SURF NICARAGUA back in the day. It was sometime after the release of THE AMERICAN WAY, their second full-length, they sort of just got lost in the shuffle of so many others to me that I have not really given their music much of a listen since then.
AWAKENING is now changing that for this reviewer. Not that what they put out here is going to defy the thrash genre, but I must say that it is a solid effort and a very enjoyable listen. It has a vibe and sound that could have been released back in the day while at the same time, the freshness of this album is as present as present day can be.
Sonically, Sacred Reich’s sound is still intact. Their southwest thrash style set them apart from the BAY AREA scene at the time giving them an almost cult-like following throughout the years. A little under rated? Indeed. But with that, and this great new offering by the band, fans of old will be over joyed when they get their hands on this one as well as those younger fans of thrash.
AWAKENING is set to release in August, but the band does have a couple tracks for you all to sink your teeth into until then. Check it out!

1. Awakening
2. Divide & Conquer
3. Salvation
4. Manifest Reality
5. Killing Machine
6. Death Valley
7. Revolution
8. Something to Believe

Phil Rind – Bass, Vocals
Wiley Arnett – Guitars
Dave McClain – Drums
Joey Radziwill- -Guitars