D-A-D – A Prayer for the Loud

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Reviewed: July 2019
Released: 2019, AFM Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Kieron Hayes

Denmark’s D-A-D have a surprisingly long history behind them, with albums stretching all the way back to the 80s. But it’s been 8 years since their last studio release. How does A Prayer for the Loud hold up as a comeback album for this veteran band?

They themselves say that this one is sticking to their tried and tested style, playing things safe more than experimenting, as they may have done in the past. Certainly, there are few surprises, even for one who hasn’t heard the band before; the general style will be familiar, even if not the precise execution this time around. D-A-D are a hard rock band through and through, and a pretty fun-loving one too. There are dashes of country and blues influences in the music, but it always maintains a bright feeling, a sense of being up-beat and having a good time without being overly sappy or silly about it.

It’s certainly a pleasant listen, and I’d be lying through my teeth (or perhaps keyboard) if I said that “The Sky is Full of Blues” and “Burning Star” weren’t both overflowing barrels of fun, and probably even more so when heard, sung and clapped along to live. However, in producing something that attempts to boil their sound down to the core for this comeback, the band have perhaps played things a little too safe and predictable. There are certainly a few gem tracks to be found here, and nothing truly bad outside of that, especially thanks to Nick Foss’ stellar production job: everything is crisp and clear, and bursts from the speakers with warmth and energy.

But there’s also very little in the way of surprises, and outside of those best songs, most of this passes by without much notice. A Prayer for the Loud is a decent enough rock album, and with an attitude that matches its title. But without greater ambition or consistently impressive song-writing, it struggles to truly stand out.



1.) Burning Star
2.) A Prayer for the Loud
3.) Nothing Ever Changes
4.) The Sky is Made of Blues
5.) The Real Me
6.) No Doubt About It
7.) A Drug for the Heart
8.) Musical Chairs
9.) Time is a Train
10.) Happy Days in Hell
11.) If the World Just

Band line-up:

Jesper Binzer – Vocals, guitar
Stig Pedersen – Bass, vocals
Jacob Binzer – Guitar
Laust Sonne – Drums