Embalmer – Embalmed Alive

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Embalmer – Embalmed Alive
Reviewed: June, 2019
Released: 2019, Hells Headbangers
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Live records can be a mixed bag. You usually get the best takes from the best cities that may or may not be digitally enhanced, and the audience you hear may not actually be the audience at all. With the level of technical precision required in death metal, the challenges associated with a live record are amplified tenfold. But Cleveland’s long running death metal hooligans Embalmed are ready to up the stakes with EMBALMED ALIVE – 15 tracks live in the studio, one take each with no triggers, edits, or studio shenanigans. It’s a 43 minute endurance race of murderous death metal, but it’s also pretty impressive.

Alongside the likes of Macabre, Mortician and Deceased, Embalmer made their mark early on the death metal scene with songs of murders, deviants, and bloodlust, and almost 30 years later are still butchering audiences with their special blend of old school mid-west death metal (if it ain’t broke, right?). Embalmer’s never been the most polished sounding band to begin with, so the raw presentation of the tunes and the velocity of which they’re blazed through gives the procession an even uglier veneer – which totally works given the source material. It definitely becomes a blur at points, but there’s no denying how tight the band sounds together and how lethal classic tunes like “There Was Blood Everywhere” and “The Necro Filing Cabinet” sound performed by the band’s current lineup.

Not intended for the faint of heart and never intended for weak dispositions, Embalmer represent the viscera of death metal’s rotting underbelly and they proudly hoist that flag high. And they do so with a degree of impeccable technical chops and a professional discipline to their craft that lesser bands would cower from. EMABALMED ALIVE should at least be experienced to appreciate that perspective, and if you prefer your death metal gore soaked and old school, you’ll dig it even more. The Casket Calls, you’ve been warned.


Track List:
1. May the Wounds Bleed Forever
2. I Am the Embalmer
3. Bone Box
4. Taxedermist
5. Morbid Confessions
6. There Was Blood Everywhere
7. Emanations from the Crypt
8. Projectile Vomit
9. The Coroner’s Report
10. The Necro Filing Cabinet
11. Procession of Bones
12. They Can Smell Our Blood
13. Dead Female Stalker
14. Rotten Body Fluids
15. The Casket Calls

Roy Stewart – Drums
Joe Wunderle – Bass
Paul Gorefiend – Vocals
Dylan Gordon – Guitars
Don Wolff – Guitars