West Of Hell – Blood of the Infidel

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Reviewed: May, 2019
Released: 2019, self-released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Courtney Solloway

West Of Hell – Blood of the Infidel

This album is different and beautiful in oh-so-many ways. Firstly there is the combination of death metal, power metal and thrash metal, all in their traditional senses but with a new twist. Then there are songs like Dying Tomorrow with one of the most stunning intros to have ever blessed my ears in a long time. The acoustic flowing into the power and death metal is unlike anything I have heard in a while and deserves some seriously high praise. If you decide not to listen to anything else on this album (which would be stupid of you), please listen to this one. It doesn’t remain calm throughout and the change of pace with the vocals is strange and yet delightful to listen to. It even goes back to the acoustic five minutes in – which makes this the longest track on the album – before going back to metal. This time it reaches more Spanish roots and it’s still just as stunning as the intro. This is some real and true sorcery of the music world.

Truly this whole album is a work of art all of its own. This band know their sound and they know how to use it well and to their own benefits. It’s basically flawless. The vocals have great contrasts between the “clean” ones and the husky vocals, screams and growls. The vocals also vary between being extremely slow and quick a credit to the vocalists’ capabilities to be diverse.

The instrumentalists in this band are absolutely incredible at what they do and all work so well together. I don’t know who the main mastermind is or if they all work evenly but they are a credit to themselves and I cannot wait to hear more from this self-released band.



1 – Hammer and Hand
2 – Chrome Eternal
3 – Infidels
4 – The Machine
5 – Dying Tomorrow
6 – The Dark Turn
7 – Mankind Commands

Band lineup:

Chris ”The Heathen” Valagao – Vocals
Sean Parkinson – Lead Guitar
Kris Shulz – Lead Guitar
Jordan Kemp – Bass
Paul Drummond – Drums