War Curse – Eradication

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May 2019
Released: May 10th, 2019 / Svart Records
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

What is it going to take to get a band or say even their PR person to put a little background info about a band out? Do people not care anymore? Wah, wah, right? I get it. War Curse is a fairly new thrash band from Ohio here in the U.S. They formed in late 2013 and have an EP under their belts that had received critical acclaim in the metal community amongst fans and critics alike.

ERADICATION is now unleased on to you and with one listen you will not really care about any back info on the band. All you will be caring about is the pain that this insane thrash album will bring to not only your neck from all the self-induced and uncontrollable head-banging and assault to your senses. That and the fact that you will want to make sure you have this disc on repeat, repeat, repeat!

There really does not seem to be anything incredibly original in style of creativity here as the band has set its style to that of the Bay Area sounds of the thrash genre. One that is near and dear to me even though I do not pick favorites of territorial thrash genres. I love them all equally. What we do have here is just an amazing album of a more modern blend of said genre.

While there does tend to be so much familiarities in their music throughout the album, I do enjoy the fact that after all these years a newer, “actual” thrash band can pull off a sound that sets them apart from the hordes of other bands within the genre.

War Curse does get a bit of help on this release with the guest appearances by Glen Alvelais (Forbidden), Kragen Lum (Heathen) and Kyle Thomas (Exhorder). Not to be dismissed as just hired guns, these guys are all friends and bring to the table just a bit of their expertise as they themselves know something great when they hear it.

ERADICATION is an outstanding new thrash album by War Curse that will not only stand the test of time; it will continue to do it over and over again. As I am sure War Curse can do as well. Keep up the great work guys!

1. Asylum (feat Glen Alvelais)
2. Sands of Fate
3. Possession
4. Serpent (feat. Kragen Lum)
5. Iron Veil
6. Eradication
7. Deadly Silence (feat. Kyle Thomas)
8. Polluted Minds

James Goetz – Drums
Joshua Murphy – Guitars
Justin Roth – Guitars
Jason Viebrooks – Bass
Blaine Gordon – Vocals