Strike Master – Strike Master / U.F.T.M.

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May 2019
Released: April 8th, 2019 / Self-Release
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Here is a thrash band that needs its day in the spotlight. Hailing from Mexico City, Mexico is the three-piece Strike Master. The band formed back in 2005 and has a total of six albums and two demos to their credit. Even more impressive are the bands they have not only shared the stage with, but gone on tour with. King Diamond, Exodus, Possessed, Overkill, Holy Moses….you get the picture.

I was sent over these two albums that from the bio sheet were both released in 2017. I felt as they both are the latest releases and much in the same vein of each other, I’d take the lazy route and merge the two into a basic synopsis of the band and their music.

From these two albums, it is evident that their roots are based in the ‘80s thrash genre with various NWOBHM distinctions throughout. On a track or two here and there, maybe a nod to today’s melodic thrash. Overall, even with the bits and pieces of melody intertwined throughout; Strike Master’s brand of thrash is a good one that can easily be distinguished from the rest of the pact, all the while standing right up there with all.

Strike Master is instrumentally proficient and seems to have an incredible knack to throw out some extremely cool instrumental sections in between to vocal parts. Some amazing breakdowns into the bridge sections that tend to give a nod to days of old. Lyrically, as any good thrash band would have it, violence, death, and politics tend to be the topics of discussion here. You just got to love heavy metal huh?

Strike Master is a band that may have been around for a bit of time now, but they are new to me. I am so glad to come across these guys as they do what they do pretty damn good. You are going to need to get a listen to at least these two offerings to get you fired up for what is to come.




Tracks: Strike Master
1. Follow Me
2. No Future
3. Boy in the Hole
4. As I March
5. Urban Phantasms
6. The Mortarist
7. Anti Aerial Witchunt Battery
8. Chant of Falcons
9. Machines of Mercy
10. Born Horrible

Tracks: U.F.T.M
1. Maximum Amount of Aggressions
2. Thrashing the Blind School
3. Ritual Killings
4. Street Criminals
5. Merciless Machine
6. A Drop of Hell
7. Suicidal License
8. Rushed Death
9. U.F.T.M.
10. Redemption


Col. Francisco Kmu – Guitars, Vocals
Ricardo Huerta – Drums
Pach – Bass