Ravenous-Eat The Fallen

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Artist: Ravenous
Title: Eat The Fallen
Label: Indie
Year: 2019
Reviewed: May 2019
Reviewed by: JP
Rating:  4.5/5


Back in February of 2017 I reviewed the debut EP of a new, local (Calgary) Power Metal band called Ravenous.  I predicted good things for the group and it seems they have done a ton of work and have now released their full-length debut, EAT THE FALLEN.

Released on their own indie label, Feast Beast Records, Ravenous are masters of marketing and pre-release excitement.  The CDs itself is a nicely appointed jewel case  with an eight-page autographed booklet, lyrics, liner notes etc. It sports some pretty cool artwork with a ominous skull-bird dude on the cover, appearing for the second time, so maybe this figure is becoming the bands mascot.

The 11-track runs a compact 46 minutes with most songs in the very digestible 3-5 minute range.   Ravenous follow the style they established on the ETERNAL HUNGER EP, namely straight up Power Metal.  However for sophisticated fans there is certainly a wide range of bands under the broad ‘Power Metal’ umbrella. Ravenous is not your squeaky clean, hyper-active, frilly shirts with puffy sleeves, keyboard-driven, ballerina, musical-box type of Power Metal, but more your mud and blood and grime with style bands.  Think more Grand Magus and Falconer than Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius…that might give you an idea.

A few songs from the EP made it onto the full-length, but that EP is pretty hard to find now so it is not a problem.  With the howling wolves at the door the album launches with a ripper called,  ‘The Hunger Never Dies’. The albums ebbs and flows in terms of tempo and never lags.  The big epic gang vocals on ‘Doom Holds The Key’ are reminiscent of Powerwolf’s vocal styling’s and it put a smile on my face.  Elsewhere we get very slight hints of symphonic and orchestral themes and  maybe a bit of an injection of folk-lilt here and there…all uplifting, glorious and majestic with being saccharine. The album finishes off with a hidden bonus track, which I won’t reveal, a fairly ambitious song to tackle originally written and performed by an elite Power Metal band, but Ravenous do it justice by adding a slightly different angle to the popular tune.

In Canada Power Metal is certainly one of the least practiced Metal arts and it refreshing to hear bands of this caliber and style coming from my homeland.  World class and kick ass, and as cliché as it may sound, Ravenous will leave you hungry for more.


Track listing:

1.The Hunger Never Dies
2.Space and Time
3.Doom Holds the Key
5.Revenge of the Beloved (Interlude)
7.Beyond the Ice
8.Strength of a Warrior
9.A Tale of Good Omens
10.Conquering the Sun
11.[Hidden Track]


Dave Crnkovic-Drums
Jake Wright-Guitar