G3-Live In Denver (DVD)

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Artist:  G3
Title:  Live In Denver (DVD)
Label: Epic
Released: 2004
Reviewed:  May, 2019
Rating:   4/5
Reviewer: JP

It doesn’t seem like 15 years ago that this DVD came out! Since Yngwie just put out a new album, (BLUE  LIGHTNING) I figured this is as good a time as any to revisit this tour of guitar gods. I also review the new Yngwie this month as well if you are interested.

I actually reviewed the companion audio CD of this tour back in 2004 when it came out.  That release, ROCKING IN THE FREE WORLD was recorded on the same tour in Kansas, whereas the DVD visual component was captured live in Denver, as you might have guessed from the title!  The DVD was filmed on October 20thand the CD was recorded the following night.

This is a streamlined single disc DVD with no booklet and a just a few, mostly inconsequential bonus features. It features the same tracklist as the CD.   The bonus is a replication of the tour program, a picture of the lighting plot, and a biography of each performer.  The only kinda neat bonus feature is something called the ‘Fretcam’ which is sort of like a ‘Guitar Hero’-type graphic for certain songs so you can see which fret was hit.

The concert itself was an hour and 40 minutes long, a little short if you ask me, it could have been 45 minutes each and a little break between each. This was a great shoot, multi-camera angle, with clear sound, clear visuals and good editing, it was certainly fun to listen to and easy to watch.

Joe started the show and ripped through a five song, 23 minute set with little fanfare.  Then we get a little clip of Steve Vai signing some autographs and then into his 23 minute, three-song set, which starts with him seated playing a three neck guitar for the gentle opening song, ‘I Know You Are Here’. This really was Yngwie’s show.  He took the headlining position but was also restricted to 23 minutes, just enough time for five songs.  Of course he brought the big rock show, an acoustic segment and a finale with smashing guitars and all!   I recall reading, perhaps it was even in Satriani’s autobiography, that initially Vai and Satch had been a bit skeptical about Yngwie, perhaps because of his reputation, and having a bit of a chuckle at his expense.  However, they both soon were to  realize his versatility and talent even going as far as to imply he is the best ever, even playing with those watches, rings and bracelets!

Then it was time for the neatest part of the G3 experience, the segment where everyone is on stage playing covers tunes in unison. The big jam had everyone shredding like never before, solo after solo after solo, a guitar fans dream.  Stick around until the end for a candid clip of the three guys, who just came off stage, sweating and in Yngwie’s case, bleeding, and totally high in the moment of the successful performance.   Guitar fans will certainly enjoy this DVD, if they don’t already own it and I certainly enjoyed revisiting it all these years later.


Track listing:


1. The Extremist
2. Crystal Planet
3. Always with Me, Always with You
4. Midnight
5. The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing


6. You’re Here
7. Reaping
8. Whispering A Prayer


9. Blitzkrieg
10. Trilogy Suite Op.5 (The first movement)
11. Red House
12. Fugue (Concerto suite For Electric Guitar and Orchestra in E. Flat Minor Op.1)
13. Finale

The G3 Jam

1. Voodoo Child (slight return)
2. Little Wing
3. Rockin’ In The Free World


Joe Satriani-guitar, vocals
Galen Henson-guitar
Matt Bissonette-bass
Jeff Campitelli-drums


Steve Vai-guitar, vocals
Tony MacAlpine-guitar, keys
Dave Weiner-guitar
Billy Sheehan-bass
Jeremy Colson-drums


Yngwie J. Malmsteen
Jocke Svalberg-keyboards
Patrick Johannson-drums