Ewigkeit – Disclose

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Reviewed: May 2019
Released: 2019, DTM Productions
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Metal is such an open bastion of ideas and obsessions; it is of no surprise there are bands out there for the Space Age lovers and UFO watchers among us. Britain’s Ewigkeit is one of them and has now returned with a ninth studio outing: Disclose.

Impressive would be something of an understatement for this one-man project from Brighton as James Fogarty, aka Mr Fog, is a veteran of the UK black metal scene, which includes the founding of The Meads of Asphodel and The Bombs of Enduring Freedom. In the press release, this critic was given a few photos of Mr Fog and his appearance, akin to Gandalf and Jerry Cornelius, meant this was going to be an album a bit out-of-the-ordinary.

It begins with a beautiful melodic starter dealing with the Roswell incident with ‘1947’ and then proceeds to recount topics such as the detonation of the first atomic bomb on ‘Oppenheimer’s Lament’. So, this is something for the history buffs out there who want to hear melodic and atmospheric black metal numbers about the advances and fallacies of the Cold War era or how science fiction became more and more realistic with history.

Eventually, the album progresses to more melodic and experimental numbers covering space and the omniscient questions and curiosities of the cosmos before ending on the oozing pleasantness of ‘Moon Monolith’.

This is certainly an album to add to your collection if you love science fiction or space and are always curious about what’s out there. New Age people would not be disappointed either as this is an album that reaches out to the curiosities of the brain that are always wondering who we really are and why we are here. Musicianship wise, it’s experimental but not pompous – this album does not get up itself as a lot of atmospheric black metal bands tend to do in this critic’s eyes.

A very worthy piece of metal.


1. 1947
2. Disclosure
3. Oppenheimer’s Lament
4. Guardians of the High Frontier
5. Resonance
7. Moon Monolith

Mr Fog – All Instruments and Vocals

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