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Allagash - Promo Photo by Richard Smith
Allagash - Promo Photo by Richard Smith
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Interview by EvilG

ALLAGASH is a five-peice Canadian metal band, from the province of Newfoundland, Canada. Established in 2015, three friends (Mooncrawler, Hawk Emblem, and The Sumerian) got together for a side-project based on alien encounters and old “unsolved mysteries” episodes. The idea was to create an album about the Allagash abductions, do a crowdfunding campaign, and hopefully get it out on vinyl. The pre-orders for the first Allagash album went very well, and generated enough cash to put out Vinyl and Cassettes. Along with some merch such as T-Shirts and hoodies, all copies sold out quickly, prompting the band to return to the studio for a follow up EP, 2018’s “Canadian Encounters“, featuring new members “Entity” and “Sol”.

The EP was well received and led to the band sharing the stage with other great Canadian metal acts such as Voivod and Anvil. It sold out quickly, and the band’s catalogue was picked up by Raw Skull (Netherlands) for a European re-release on CD, as they had only been released on vinyl and cassette to date.

With the success of the two previous releases, Allagash is now looking forward to their third release, a full-length album entitled “Cryptic Visions”. This album is due to be released independently on May 6th, 2019, and the band is currently seeking support from labels and press for distribution and promotion.

In late April we had the pleasure to ask “The Sumerian” some questions about the band and their upcoming plans.

As your band will be a new name to the majority of our readers, let’s start with the typical. Introduce yourselves, and tell our readers who might be the most likely to instantly dig your style of metal.

We come to this planet to overthrow your leaders. Our conquest is eminent.



Ok then. Each member in the band of course has their own unique influences. From those, what ones do you think are most evident in your music?

We are one and are all. Each member of our group contributes equally to our propagandist agenda.

The band has been around for a few years but you don’t play a ton of shows, mainly focusing on special shows and recording material. Is there a reason for that?

We only come out of hiding periodically, to asses the intelligence of the humans. So far, our findings have been less than impressive.

Another thing with the band is the band’s semi-anonymous nature. For example, you don’t do a lot of promotion, don’t publish your real names on your band’s Facebook page, nor have a bio on there. Do you prefer to keep it low key and have people search you out a bit more?

Our group must remain small and unnoticed, so that we may collect human data without their knowledge.

What do you like about the local scene in St. John’s? There are a lot of good bands here despite the small population. Also, what are the challenges to being in a band from Newfoundland bring if any for what it is you want to accomplish?

This island contains much talent. Unfortunately, much goes unnoticed, as it is somewhat disconnected from the earth.

When the band started, two members (“Hawk Emblem” and “The Sumerian”), being from a previous popular local band Fireign, made some of us think it might be a continuation of that band. But clearly it was not. Did you consciously have to drive the direction to make it “Allagash” and not Fireign?

The celestial landscape that has been traversed by Allagash is different than that of any other being. Those you speak of are not present in our world in the physical form known to your race. Our energies are intertwined, forming a separate presence never before witnessed on your planet.

For us local fans, when a new band photo was published some months back, we were like “Where is Hawk Emblem?”. I don’t recall seeing a post about him leaving the band – so what happened?

Hawk Emblem completed his mission with us, and has moved to a parallel universe to continue working. We continue to support his future missions.

Previous to Hawk Emblem leaving, three members (guitar, bass, drums) of the band were members of the local metal band Emblem. Was there ever much push to “make sure we don’t sound like Emblem” or did the songs and a different sound come natural?

This group is unique, even though it does share members with Emblem. The sonic assaults are carried out using different tactics in each group.


Your new album, CRYPTIC VISIONS, comes out in May. Can you clarify who plays on the album and if there are any guest appearances this time?

Sumerian, Mooncrawler, Sol, Entity, and newest member Harvester. Each contributes his own unique talents to the whole.

What is different about the new album from the debut and EP?

This newest message advances on our previous communications. We bring improved sonic tones and increased playing time. More ways to join us, and be enslaved.

What did you learn from your your first two outputs that you put to use for making the new record your best so far!?

This group is always collecting new data and improving its offensive strategies.

Do “Unsolved Mysteries” and alien abductions and encounters continue to be the topics you sing about on the new album? What are some of the coolest and freakiest stories you’ve researched that inspired the lyrics for the new songs?

We speak of what your majority wishes to ignore. Earth is an interesting place and we continue to observe.

How much of the stories do you think are true vs. the product of a mentally unstable mind?

The only thing Unstable regarding exploration and the further understanding of our universe are fabricated foundations of education such as those found on Earth.

Have any of you had an encounter? Would you like to, or would you like to be alien abducted if given the opportunity?

We encounter daily.

What do you think of Trump’s wacky idea for a “Space Force” lol!!!!

Your planet has attempted many forms of global defense. Though this individual seems lower then most in your race, he speaks the truth. Ronald Reagan announced to your world about a Strategic defense initiative known as project S.D.I. you ignored this approach and allowed it to grow into what we now call your shadow government. Black budget projects are your future and you live like it does not exist.

How long did you spend writing the material for this album?

We did the whole thing in the studio, about 6 months.

After writing the material did you immediately move to recording or did you jam the songs out to feel them out more? 

Our approach is to enter the studio with a few riffs and build on them. we come up with a few basic ideas and write the rest as we record!

How long did the recording process take?

About 6 months, writing and recording.

All your albums have come out on vinyl, not an easy feat for an unsigned band, as vinyl production is still much more pricey than CD. What’s the plans for CRYPTIC VISIONS in terms of it’s release?

We love vinyl, it is music in its purest form. However 3 albums in and we havent done a CD yet. We hope to increase the recipients of our messages in this way.

Will you guys be playing an album release show in May/June? Any plans yet?

Yes we plan to make some appearance shortly. Details coming soon.

Would you like to get the band on the road to play elsewhere in the province or in Canada?

If there are other humans that would like to be recruited, we would happily meet and enslave them.

Are you shopping the album to any labels for potential release or will this be purely self-released?

Yes we are currently seeking representation. Interested parties may contact us.

Have you considered doing a music video for any of the songs on the album?

A video is being considered. It is important that the integrity of the communications remain intact.

Gamma Ray tribute
Gamma Ray tribute

In other new news, you guys have a Gamma Ray cover on a tribute cassette! This is wicked – they are pretty much my fav band!!! Even the official GR band page shared news about the release. There’s some bands on there I’ve heard before too, so how did you manage to get on that?  

Yes, the gods Gamma Ray have many worshippers. Our message can be spread amongst all who are willing to receive it.

Sadly, the Gamma Ray release will be on cassette only, I haven’t had a cassette player since the early 1990s ha! Will it get a vinyl or CD release?

Casettes are an undervalued technology. We support them, and have relesed our first album on casette to much critical acclaim!

What is up next for Allagash?

We will continue our mission and report back to our superiors for further instruction.

Cheers you and good luck with the release guys!

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