Roadburn 2019 – Tilburg Holland

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It is April and it is the time to make a trip to the prestigious Roadburn festival arranged at the 013 club in the heart of Tilburg. Roadburn has always offered a lot of magficent bands, artists and performances. Discovering new names and new talents has always been one of the main things as far as the line-up of the Roadburn festival is concerned. However the highlight and the biggest production of this year’s Roadburn was definitely Triptykon performing with Metropole Orchestra the three part Requiem saga. Another interesting point was the Burning Darkness   as the frontman of At The Gates Tomas Lindberg has been asked to be the official curator for Roadburn.  The line-up was once again incredible and amazing, therefore covering a wide range of different genres. Check it out.


The Danish Myrkur was the first opening artist on the main stage. The set was truly exceptional as it wasn’t based on the normal blackish metal approach. Instead the set was about the folk songs performed with the acoustic, choir and piano. The line-up consisted of the Garmarna members and two young female singers. The whole set was absolutely beautiful and stunning as these folk songs performed by Amalia Bruun and her back-up musicians. Hopefully she will carry out more these kind of gigs by playing only folk songs.

When The Devil’s Blood had to be called its quit because of Selim Lemouhic’s tragic passing, the singer Farida of The Devil’s Blood launched a new band named Molasses. Therefore it was totally justified for them to share the main stage. Her voice has very recognizable voice which can be identified easily. As for the music of Molasses, it is kind of a mix of melancholic and the 70’s psychedelic elements.  Even though Molasses is a different band, but it can be felt and heard the spirit of the music of Devils Blood is floating around for sure.

The Danish group Slaegt had been invented by Tomas Lindberg to be the part of the Burning Darkness theme. Obviously Slaegt was quite an unknown name for the most of the people, but Slaegt has released a couple of albums on the VAN records, and definitely reached a good following in the underground. The melancholic and melodic riffs sounded amazing and even spellbinding. The band must have rehearsed the stage performance more than a lot as all of the choreographies had been well coordinated. Members moved and jumped all around the stage like…. Well…. The first impression when following Slaegt play was definitely Tribulation. How could a band sound and be like Tribulation? Even though the Tribulation influences were obvious, but Slaegt sounded splendid and definitely gained some new fans.

Healing has definitely got a huuuuge boost and many headlines since they surfaced. Describing their performance with a few words is kind of hard as everyone must witness it with their own eyes.  Anyway the whole  group gathered together on the stage to do some sort of ritualistic praying session. Then the whole massive legion of members settles their down with their instruments and their own roles. The music can be described a mix of different elements of folk music elements and shamanistic approach. Above all their performance with  a huge legion of armed warriors marching on the stage with the full war custom was an amazing sight indeed. These warriors definitely took their roles more than seriously and some of them was about to attack with spikes and spears. To be honest Heilung’s performance was amazing and eyecapturing and above all mesmerizing.


At the same time Midnight was doing their set. Midnight is known for intensive gigs, having punkish and thrashish elements. Obviously the big stage and in general big venue didn’t create and bring the most violent Midnight feeling. Instead their gig at Roadburn was quite flawless and breathless. Smaller places are more suitable for a band like Midnight.

Malokarpatan from Slovakia hit the stage of Het Patronal and had pulled in a full crowd. This five piece blackish metal outfit has become the known name in the black metal genre within a couple of years. However it was interesting to pick up from Roadburn to have Malokarpatan on the roster. The band performed a 50 minute set of the grim, but melancholic sounding black metal. The band ain’t the most visual, but focusing on the force of the blackish approach.


All right all right, it was one of the most important reasons why hundreds of people decided to make a trip to Roadburn as Triptykon to perform the entire Requiem saga with the Metrole Orchest conducted by Jukka Iisakkala. It has been a looong journey for Thomas G. Fischer to complete the whole Requiem saga. The first part Rex Irae was already complete in 1986 for the INTO THE PANDEMONIUM. The third part was unreleased for the last Celtic Frost album, titled. MONOTHEIST.  The massive composing work for the second part of Requiem was finished by Fischer. The whole Requiem saga was finally carried out with Metropole Orchestra. The whole concept and concert was totally amazing. All the musicians have shed tears and sweat when working on Requiem. The concert was unique, bombastic and precious in terms of performing, playing and the whole arrangement. The audience followed and listened to the performance spellbound and quietly. The atmosphere was magical and respectful.  It would be truly awesome if this Requiem performance with Metrople Orchestra could be re-arranged and carried out again. This was already such a spectacle and amazing experienced that it deserves a re-do for sure. Please Bitte..


When an iconic name like Igor Cavalera pops up in the info sheet that definitely everyone catches eyes on it. The younger Cavalera is ultimate passion for all kinds of weird sonic experimental stuff. Deafkids & PetBrick is definitely one of those eccentric musical projects where Igor Cavalera is involved. DeafKids & PetBrick consists of four guys creating sonic noise with industrial metallic elements popping up. As for Igor Cavalera, his tribal playing approach is a pure trademark for him as his way of playing drums was definitely intensive and hard. Some parts from Roots Bloody Roots could be heard in the playing. For some reason Deafkids & PetBrick sounded a little bit older Ministry.


As mentioned above the frontman of At The Gates Tomas Lindberg has been recruited to be a curator for this year’s Roadburn. Besides picking up the band he hit the stage with At The Gates performing a 90-minute set. It had been promised the set was going to have special things. As for the set in general, it consisted of these normal ATG hymns like “Burning Darkness” “At War With Reality”. However the set features a few nice surprises; The first one was Philip Glass cover titled “Koyaanitqatsi” performed with Anna Von Hausswolff. The second one the old Trouble classic “The Tempter” with the Matt Pike from Sleep/High On Fire and a couple of their own songs “Daggers Of Black Haze” and “The Mirror Black” with the Amebix/Tau Cross frontman Rob Miller. Besides a few quests, there was a few violinists bringing the different kind of mood to the gig. At The Gates always brings guarantee and a strong set, no exception this time around.


Does someone still remember InSolitude from Sweden ? That relatively young metal band released three great albums and all of a sudden they decided to call its quit. Members seem to have gone separate ways as the guitarist Henrik Palm did the solo performance in the smaller  venue at Roadburn. Palm’s music can be heard some InSolitude elements, but basically it is a mix of elements of the traditional heavy metal with eerie catchy riffs. Funny to mention that the old Judas Priest footage was shown on the back during the whole show.

After Sumac it was kind of hard to pick up the next one, but Morne sounded more tempting. The band’s style is easily doom metal with the sludge influences. Frankly which band wouldn’t have some sludge influences that plays at Roadburn ?! Hailing from Boston and been around since 2005 and have four albums out. That’s a short history of them. Anyway Morme sounded truly heavy and slow. The vocalist didn’t sound that convincing, obviously the heavy sounds crowned the whole thing though.

Sleep is definitely a gigantic name amongst the doom/sludge/stoner metal fans. It wasn’t any unexpected surprise to witness the full packed main venue by thousands of people to enjoy Sleep playing the entire HOLY MOUNTAIN album. The heavy doom riff echoed in the main venue and the audience definitely enjoyed very moment and second of the set. The band jammed at the stage and created the real pot smoking feeling. Even thought the running time for the HOLY MOUNTAIN album is about one hour,  the band spent nearly two hours. Besides playing the stuff from the second album, the three piece snipped 30 minute jamming session of DOPESMOKER.


When arriving at the main venue, a previously unknown band called Daughters were about to start the set. Judging by a huge crowd, the band must be having the good following and fanbase. When the guys arrived at the stage, their outcome was reminiscent of the Swedish Hives. Wrong  though indeed. When the singer got on stage, he start swaying the microphone over monitors, resulting the inhuman noise. His outlook already told, it was going to be something special. Yes – Daughters describe their music as noise rock and  as the category and description defines the musical approach of Daughters more than well. As for the singer, he was totally out of control and acted restless and wild. He crowd surfed, managed to get his forehead bleed and ran across the bar! What a show…

Mord’A’Stigmata from hailing from Poland is kind of experimental post-black/avantgarde metal. The four piece performed quite complex sounding stuff in the chapel lookalike venue. Obviously the acoustics of the venue created a little bit cacophonous feeling, even though the band definitely sounded interesting. Knowing some songs in advance would have been a good advantage, as the band played good and therefore checking out their stuff became more and more tempting.

Thou being a five piece combo played several shows at the Roadburn festival during the four days. They did a special gig in the skateboard park by playing heaps of the Misfits covers. Missig that gig was an enormous mistake indeed. Playing on the huge stage didn’t bring the most intensive feeling. Thou is definitely a perfect choice for small smokey clubs.

Ulcerata was one of the few extreme metal bands at Roadburn. The three piece hammered a 60 minute set in the smaller venue. The place was totally packed. Ulcerate didn’t show any mercy, just punching the set with the intensive grip and of course with brutality.

Old Man Gloom hailing from Massachusetts offered a brutal set of the 50 minute of hard core elements meets sludge. The four piece sounded extremely heavy and above all raw. The band’s tight playing and even a little bit metalcore influences could be heard. The performance by the four piece was aggressive and relentless. Even thouhg Old Man Gloom has started out in 1999 and face up and down hills, but their stuff was refreshing and as already mentioned raw.

Sleep did the entire HOLY MOUNTAIN album and some extra stuff a night before. Now it was the latest opus THE SCIENCES in turn in the following night. All the six tunes were played thru in the Sleep way – slow deep and heavy. The main venue was totally packed by thousands of people who truly enjoyed the sludge/doom playing. Frankly Sleep’s music created the more ethereal atmosphere in the main venue. Besides playing all the songs from the latest albums, the set included a couple of encore songs such as “Holy Mountain”, “Dragonaut” and “Cultivator”.

Here we go again, the four day Roadburn event is over. The whole festival is so flexable and offered a great of bands and artists. Covering all the bands is definitely an mission-in-possible task. Enjoying the atmosphere and meeting friends and collegues is one of the most important reasons why Roadburn has become an important festival for several people after all these years. Besides the music, the art and food are also the part of the whole Roadburn concept as they bring their own inputs to the festival. Hey if there is no food, there is no satisfied festival goer. All in all Roadburn was and has always been extremely pleasant and superb experience. If you have a chance to have some vacation and travel to Tilburn, Roadburn is a must for everyone.

Random pics taken during the Roadburn festival. 

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