Sins Of The Damned – Striking The Bell Of Death

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April 2019
Released: May 3rd, 2019 / Shadow Kingdom
Rating: 3.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Hailing from Santiago, Chile come Sins Of The Damned with their debut full-length STRIKING THE BELLS OF DEATH. Sins formed in late 2013 and have a few demos they have released to much acclaim. Now with the upcoming full-length release, they are ready to take their music to the next level.

Sins of the Damned are a thrashy to speed metal band whose sound is that of a more classic sound deeply rooted into heavy metal history. Their songs are filled with hooks and riffs a plenty presented with tons of energy and passion. The musicianship is there with a fury. The slightly clear to gruffy vocals are a good match to the music as well.

Stylistically, Sins of the Damned to do stray far from the age old formula that has proven successful for so many others of the genre over the years. Yet they tend to have a mildly unique sound to them. At first listen I thought I was listening to Brimstone which they have a similar tone with.

Sins of the Damned have done well for their debut here. I do believe that they will need to expand a bit going forward if they want to dominate a bit more with the scene worldwide. Sticking with a similar sound and formula could get them lost in the shuffle. A very good album though that is worthy of many listens and will keep its place here with me for some time.

For fans of Razor, Deathrow, Deathhammer, Barbarian and heavy metal in general.


1. Striking the Bell of Death
2. They Fall and Never Rise Again
3. Take the Weapons
4. The Lion and the Prey
5. The Outcast (Sign of Cain)
6. Victims of Hate
7. Death’s All Around You

Maot – Guitars (lead)
Razor – Vocals, Guitars
Noisemaker – Drums, Bass
Tyrant – Drums