Druids – Monument

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Druids – Monument
Reviewed: April 2019

Released: April 19th, 2019 / The Company KC
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Iowa based Druids are set to hit us with their fifth release MONUMENT. Forming in 2008 and moving steadily along the underground scene for the past decade, Druids have their eyes set a bit higher this year with this album.

Druids play a psychedelic stoner / sludge metal. I have recently been getting a bit into this genre. I had always sort of by-passed it due to such an overwhelming amount of other genres and bands that I never gave it a proper chance. As of late though, I have come across several really good acts that have changed my perception of the genre. Not that it was bad before. It was just a bit absent.

The music here is not too out of the ordinary in terms of metal. Or stoner metal for that matter. It has its moments of bluesy doom with heavy hooks all the while inspired by the classic metal guitar riffs that make us love it so much. The genre that is.

MONUMENT weighs in at around 28 minutes with 5 tracks. 5 very full of life tracks that do tend to have a sort of upbeat doom laden sound to them. There are no boring or mundane moments on this album and the fact that each track tends to grab ahold of you and pulls you in is a feat in itself. Especially for a listen like me who likes a wide variety of music, but not always to the point that I will back catalog hunt like I will/have already done with Druids music.

I believe this is one that any metal fan will want to give a listen to. For fans of Blackwulf, Against The Grain, Whipped Kitty, Stoned Jesus and Black Elephant.


1. New Breath
2. Iron Healer
3. Mirrors of Trigon
4. The Whip
5. Shivast

Members:Luke Rauch – Vocals/Guitar
Keith Rich – Drums
Drew Rauch – Vocals/Bass