Dead Witches – The Final Exorcism

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Dead Witches – The Final Exorcism
Reviewed: April, 2019
Released: 2019, Heavy Psych Sounds
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

I liked Dead Witches’ 2017 debut OUIJA, but I didn’t love it. Despite coming across as a female fronted version of Electric Wizard (and actually features an original member of said band), the tunes never fully clicked for me. With their recently released follow up, THE FINAL EXORCISM, the band has course corrected with a fantastically morose set of new tunes that imply “what we meant to say the last time was…”

Much of the success of THE FINAL EXORCISM comes from new guitarist Oliver Hill (replacing original member Greg Elk after his untimely passing) and new vocalist Soozi Chameleone. Hill’s riffs and sub-atomic guitar tone roars slow and loud; stylistically he doesn’t diverge from the blueprints defined on OUIJA, but there’s a level of menacing power on songs like “Fear the Priest” and “The Church by the Sea” that was sorely missing on the album’s predecessor. And Chameleone is just a better vocal fit for the band. No disrespect to original crooner Virginia Monti, but Chameleone has more control over her voice and ultimately delivers a more satisfying performance.

As for the 7 new tunes, they’re still reliably occult fueled and Wizard inspired, but all together sound more inspired. The main riff in the title track does more to inspire a sense of dread than the entire debut could muster, and the band sounds like they’re much more in step with each other this time around.  The “female fronted version of Electric Wizard” sentiment will likely continue to follow the band throughout their career, but it’d be shameful to dismiss them as yet another stoner troupe trying to recreate DOPETHRONE one more time. THE FINAL EXORCISM benefits from familiarity, but on its own merit, is a thoroughly enjoyable soundtrack for your evening stroll through the cemetery.



Track List:
1. There’s Someone There
2. The Final Exorcism
3. Goddess of the Night
4. When Do the Dead See the Sun
5. The Church by the Sea
6. Lay, Demon
7. Fear the Priest

Carl Geary – Bass
Mark Greening – Drums
Oliver Hill – Guitars
Soozi Chameleone – Vocals