Beorn’s Hall – In His Granite Realm

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April 2019
Released: March 15th, 2019 / Naturmacht Productions
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Here is the latest from Beorn’s Hall. They are a Pagan Black Metal band from the New England state of New Hampshire. This duo formed in 2016 and IN HIS GRANITE REALM is their third full-length release to date.

At first listen, this was one I was unsure about. It wasn’t until the second or third time through that I started to put the pieces together and truly enjoy the majesty that is Beorn’s Hall. As stated by the band on this album, “we doubled down on our doom and death metal influences while sticking to the core ‘80’s / ‘90’s black metal.” And that they did.

Not having the chance to listen to what they have previously released the past couple years does not take away what I get to listen to hear. While their songs are a bit on the epic side, not only in length but in style, what they do within each one over time is a bit magical.

The songs are crafted with a sense of precision with the use of the different genre elements throughout. Whether it is more doom laden, or blackened death, they fuse the music with a folk essence and synths to create an atmospheric sound that is all their own. They have some terrific guitar work here as well.

IN HIS GRANITE REALM is a very well-rounded and very well-conceived effort. It is truly a pleasure to listen to. Fans of Bathory, Falkenbach and Havukruunu will too agree. So if atmospheric, Pagan black metal is your thing, so is Beorn’s Hall. If this genre is not your thing, make it a point to give Beorn’s Hall a listen. It will be well worth your time. Great album!


1. Distant Torches – Baldr’s Theme
2. Old Men of the Mountain
3. Berglmir (The Call from beyond)
4. To Ride at Midnight
5. In His Granite Realm
6. Bronze Age Spellcraft
7. Foreverdark Woods (Bathory cover)

Rognvaldr – Lightning
Vulcan – Thunder