Alphastate – The Grind

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April 2019
Released: April 3rd, 2018 / Sliptrick Records
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Alphastate started in 2013 as a personal project from Pete Breaker(Guitars). In 2014 Manos Xanthakis(Vocals) came in and in 2015 the band’s line up was completed with Dimitris Tsounakas(Bass) and Fivos Andriopoulos(Drums). The band wanted to combine modern metal with 80’s, 90’s influences such us Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, Nevermore to create a very personal and extreme style with no boundaries. “Out Of The Black” released in 2015 independently with the best approval of the press globally. After numerous live shows from 2015 until now in Greece, Alphastate continue to evolve with their second album “The Grind” ready to be released in 2018 by Sliptrick Records.

So yeah, I’m not going to paraphrase the above brief bio from the promo sheet. It says what it says just fine. But that is all I can steal to use here. No need for going somewhere else for info as not only does the above statement ring true, their music does as well.

While not going too far over the top in the sense of terribly original, Alphastate do pay homage to heavy metals classic sounds of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s with this latest release, THE GRIND. Sometimes as a reviewer you can never really know what to expect from a press release in terms of a description of a band’s music or style. This is why many read music reviews so there is something to go on prior to making a minimal purchase of an album.
THE GRIND is one of those albums that really is worthy of a purchase. Sure it harkens back to the glory days of heavy metal, but there is so much more here that can be praised about. Alphastate have a sound that sets them apart from many, which from first listen is present. That is hard to say with a lot of bands these days no matter how good they play.

Their brand of melodic heavy metal is fused with many elements of power metal and nuances of thrash and groove. It is a nice blend of all that’s great about metal music. With that, fans of Nevermore, Armored Saint, Liege Lord and Testament to name a few will enjoy what Alphastate has to offer.

The album kicks right from the start and does not really let up until the last track has ended leaving you wanting more. Each track, with its own identity, makes your listening experience a pleasure giving you the feeling that Alphastate are one of those rare, true metal bands that actually care about the music they write and play. Good job guys!


1. Trapped
2. Phantom Desires
3. Speak Your Mind
4. Theater of Lies
5. The Grind
6. Forevermore
7. Behind the Dark
8. Heaven’s World
9. Man Made God

Pete Breaker – Guitars
Manos Xanthakis – Vocals
Dimitris Tsounakas – Bass
Foivos Andriopoulos – Drums