Texas Metal Outlaws – Heavy Metal Selenas

Texas Metal Outlaws - Heavy Metal Selenas
Texas Metal Outlaws - Heavy Metal Selenas
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In the fall of 2018, Heaven and Hell Records released the debut album from Texas Metal Outlaws; a studio project spear-headed by guitarist Robert Williams (Witches Mark, Ignitor) featuring over 23 Texas metal musicians collaborating on all-new, original material resulting in a bonafide classic album and collector’s item for aficionados of Texas heavy metal.

Following up the critically acclaimed debut offering Texas Metal Outlaws return with a four-song CD single entitled “Heavy Metal Selenas” to be released on April 16th, 2019. “Heavy Metal Selenas” features a notable cast of the Lonestar’s heaviest hitting metal bands (Helstar, Las Cruces, Agony Column, Immortal Guardian, Ignitor) performing a metalized rendition of the Selena hit “Si Una Vez”. The release date bears special importance as it would have been the 48th birthday of the beautiful Tejano starlet.

Then Governor George W. Bush notably declared April 16, 1995 “Selena Day” and Dallas politician Ana-Maria Ramos has pushed a House bill designating April 16th as “Selena Day”

Commented guitarist Robert Williams “For as long as I can remember my friends and I would crank metal out of our stereos at the park for BBQ’s or tailgating in parking lots outside of nightclubs. Once everyone gets good and drunk is when my friends would break out their Tejano music, their Selena CD’s. At a recent get together I watched a performance of “Si Una Vez” taken from her final concert and I was blown away by how dramatic the song was and the effect it had on the audience. It was obvious that “Si Una Vez” was her showstopper, her “Victim of Changes” and so I wanted to pay tribute to such an important figure in music and in Texas history. So I called up my friends!”

“Si Una Vez”

Intro – Tony Rivera and Adaleigh Laurence
Vocals – Orlando Logan Olivero

Vocals – Carlos Zema
Vocals – James Rivera
Vocals – Melissa Pena
Guitar – Robert Williams
Guitar – Stuart Laurence
Guitar – Larry Barragan
Bass – Mark Zamarron
Drums – Miguel Morales

“Strong Arm of The Law”

Vocals – Michael Paul Toupin
Guitar – Robert Williams
Guitar – Stuart Laurence
Bass – Andy Gonzalez
Drums – Chris Alaniz

“Black & Green”
Music: Stuart Laurence & Robert Williams
Lyrics: Richie Turner

Vocals – Richie Turner
Guitar – Stuart Laurence
Guitar – Robert Williams
Bass – Billy Dansfiell
Drums – Chris Alaniz

“Sound of Scorn”
Music by Robert Williams
Lyrics by Mark Zammaron

Vocals – Mark Zammaron
Guitar & Bass – Robert Williams
Guitar – Stuart Laurence
Drums – Pat Doyle

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