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Sabaton History Roundup
So here is what has been happening on Sabaton History…

It has been a month since the launch of Sabaton History and we wish to thank all of our fans for supporting this initiative and for subscribing to our new channel. We have released 6 episodes so far and the support we are receiving is massive.. We do really appreciate this.
We want this show to go on for a long time so that we can cover as many songs as possible and we want to do that together with you. The plan is to release a new episode on YouTube every week.
Be a member of Sabaton History if you want to have a front-row seat and support us to make this an awesome and huge project – join us here by selecting one of our epic membership tiers. Not only will you be part of the force that keeps us rolling – you will also get some exclusive benefits only available for our Sabaton History members including early access to every new episode! And there’s much more than this – you can check all the benefits here.
Below we have compiled a list of each episode released so far in case you have missed something!
Pär, Joakim, Hannes, Tommy, Chris
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#1 – 40:1 – The Battle of Wizna
The first episode on Sabaton History tells the story of the Battle of Wizna in World War II, when a few hundred Polish soldiers stood against more than 40,000 German invaders.

#2 – Blood of Bannockburn – War of Scottish Independence

“Blood of Bannockburn” is about the First War of Scottish Independence and one of it’s key figures, Robert the Bruce.
#3 – Panzerkampf – The Battle of Kursk
In “Panzerkampf” we sing about the German offensive on the Kursk salient in the summer of 1943. We dive into the details of the Battle of Kursk and the one biggest tank battles in world history, the Battle of Prokhorovka.

#4 – To Hell and Back – Audie Murphy
“To Hell and Back” is about Audie Murphy served and fought in many different locations of the Second World War, which resulted in him being the most decorated soldier in the US army during WW2.

#5 – Last Dying Breath – The Defence of Belgrade
When the Austro-Hungarians invaded Serbia in 1914, the Serbian defenders managed to set up an effective defence. A year later, a combined Austro-Hungarian and German offence is launched to take Belgrade for once and for all. The Serbs mount a final defence as a last stand against the Central Powers.

#6 – Talvisota – The Winter War
“Talvisota” is about the Winter War that took place in late 1939 till the early spring of 1940 between Finland and the Soviet union.

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