Turku Saatanalle VII – Logomo Turku Finland

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The Turku Saatanalle extreme black metal fest was arranged in the seventh time in a row. The fest has always offered a great deal of the grim sounding black metal outburst. The organization of the fest faced a few unexpected setbacks this year ; a venue had to be changed, but above all Acheron cancelled because of hassles with the flights.  Those issues were definitely a major blow. However a couple of replacements were recruited to fill up the final line-up. Those major setbacks brought more attention toward the fest and definitely made it much stronger. Especially the organization needs all the kudos for being able to handle the emergency situation and managed to pull them through well. Here is the brief write-up of the fest. 


The opening band recruited in the very last minute to fill up the line-up Deathkin. The band’s debut album called KOHTI KOTIANI KAAOSTA was an excellent slab of the black/death metal approach. However the band had definitely put some effort into the stage by having cool looking skeleton art. The blackened combo received the well respond from the audience, who mostly followed the band playing politely. Obviously the material ain’t known or then Deathkin hasn’t yet carved their name into the map of the Finnish black metal map. However the material of the debut album sounded great.

Aegrus presented the same kind of the genre as the previous band – the grim black metal. Aegrus didn’t make any exception in this case. The band had dressed up to the normal black metal dresscode and spread the blasphemic hymns in the catacomb of the Logomo venue.

Perdition Winds was another one, recruited in the very last minute to fill up the line-up. In this point it can be pointed out  about the sounds as they turned out to be a little bit uncontrolled chaos more or less. The concrete hall ain’t the most idealistic place for extreme metal to perform. The sounds turned to be a little bit messy, when the place was half empty. The sounds kept echoeing in the venue, causing cacophonous feeling. When more and more people arrived inside and of course it created more balanced quality. As for Perdition Winds, the black metal outfit unleashed the real savage set of the intensive black metal.

The Portuegese black/thrash outift Filii Nigrantium Infernalium was quite an eccentric as well as interesting choice for the fest. The band’s more old schoolish metal sounded quite primitive and simple. The underground freaks appeared to be familiar with the stuff of FNI as the four piece got the warmly respond. The group’s relentless blackthrash started sounding a bit boring toward the end.

Horna has been in the frontline of the Finnish black metal scene since the mid 90’s. Even though the band has undergone several and even radical line-up changes, but the driving force of Horna, guitarist Shatraug has soldiered on by pushing the band forward thru changes. Horna’s sound has evolved since the early days, but the cold and eerie glimpses are still there in the soundworld of Horna. As for their performance at the fest, it was more ritualistic appearance as the singer Spellgoth (known for works with Trollheims Grott) expressed the mythic phrases when introducing songs. The stuff of Horna of nowadays sounded splendid, but the most grim sounding aspects are obviously there, but the sounds and music have both developed more into the sophisticated and eerie sounding approach. Horna’s ritualistic performance at the fest was definitely magical and spellbounded.

Auðn hailing from Iceland were one of the headliners of the fest. When several other extreme black metal bands mostly relied on the grim looking approach, the Icelanders had dressed up to the suitable, clean and above all black suits. That definitely reflected the way of sounds better what Auðn presented. Of course someone compared and labeled them as a a modernday hipster black metal band. However the gloomy blackish metal blew in the venue as cold as the Icelandic winter wind. The band’s fine and even elegant performance had a great deal of songs from both the albums, creating the gloomy and melancholic atmosphere. The singer, Hjalti Sveinsson, definitely lived up to the melancholic feeling.



Morgal conquered at the SteelChaos fest and gained more attention and definitely managed to reach for the new newbase. Morgal didn’t let the people down as their intensive blackened death metal sounded truly raw and primitive. The band rampaged the short, but very brutal set with the barbaric passion.

Front being rather a new extreme black metal band has released the debut album called IRON OVERKILL a few years back.   Obviously Front had faced some changes in the line-up as the frontman of Morbid Vomit had been recruited to  take care of the vocals. However Front’s brutal gig was pure blitzkrieg from the beginning to the end. Even though the music is is described black metal, but however death metal feelings can be heard in songs. The band pulled another intensive show after other bands.

Sargeist being another Finnish frontlive black metal act. The band has always used the magical and ritualistic elements on gigs. The black metal commando didn’t make any exception as giving the full scale ritualistic performance.

The Norwegian Djevel presented the true Norwegian black metal cult. The drummer was no other than the former Emperor drummer Faust.  Even though the lights had been turned to the minimum level, creating the gloomy atmosphere. The band offered the pure grim sounding Norske Black metal with a bit old school touch. The Norwegians were definitely one of the most waited bands on the bucket list of several black metal maniacs.

Revenge shows no mercy. The Canadian three piece’s barbaric and nihilistic pounding was both bombastic and extreme barbarism in the most sadistic way.  Revenge created the pure sonic torment with the intensive playing. Even though it could be descrbied chaotic, but instead Revenge’s chaotic sonic rampage was pure art in the finest form. The three piece didn’t let the audience easily, just hammering them down with the powerful tune. Obviously the band expected to see a little bit more chaos on the floor, but after all the audience behaved quite calmly.


The Turku Saatanalle festival definitely lived up to its name “Turku for Satan” as the festival faced more or less unexpected setbacks like they had to chance a venue and Acheron had to cancel because of hassles with the flights. The event ended up to tabloids because fundamental believers cancelled the first venue. The event received the publicity in a good or bad way. The festival will be arranged in 2020 again. The first headliner Usurper has been announced and more will be expected to be revealed. Until then Hail Satan