Korpiklaani + Turisas + TrollfesT @ Islington Assembly Hall, London

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Korplikaani + Turisas + TrollfesT

@ Islington Assembly Hall, London

25th February 2019

Review & Photography by Ryan Whitwell / Shotison.com

A Scandinavian party was about to take place in Islington with Korpiklaani, Turisas and TrollfesT on the bill. An early kick-off of 6.30pm meant a bit of a rush for me after work, but I managed to get in just in time to get to the front and see the first band, TrollfesT.

TrollfesTThe dress-wearing party starters certainly got everyone in high spirits right off the bat. Britney Spears’ “Toxic” providing something for those that didn’t know much of the band (or speak Finnish) to join in with and enhanced the fun party mood further.

TrollfesTThe majority of the set was jaunty and enthusiastic songs you’d expect from TrollfesT, but it was broken up with what was advertised as a “slow song”, but actually ended up being the fasted of the set!

TrollfesTLead singer asked for chaos, and I think he got it as a bouncy moshpit broke out for “Kaptein Kaos”. Foot stomping and clapping also spread during ‘Professor Otto’.

TrollfesTMore crowd participation was required for a potential “world’s longest conga line at a folk metal show”. Sadly I have no idea if the record was broken, but the cabana party song that is “Solskinnsmedisin” provided a great soundtrack for the event, with the bassist leading the line around the merch out front and back to the stage.

TrollfesT”Woof woof woof” was the chant for the last number, “Helvetes hunden garm”, which also featured some crowd surfing from the bass player. That was a great set to get the crowd warmed up for the next act.


TrollfesT Setlist:

Fjøsnissens fjaseri
Kjettaren mot strømmen
Toxic (Britney Spears cover)
Steel Sarah
De tre bukkene Berusa
Kaptein Kaos
Professor Otto
Espen Bin Askeladden
Helvetes hunden garm


Turisas wasted no time and delivered high energy battle metal in abundance and declared that they had come here to “rock your fucking brains out!”

TurisasThe crowd was in good voice for every song in the set, a set full of fan favourites. When the crowd wasn’t singing, hands were held aloft, clapping, fist-pumping, and holding up the numerous crowd surfers.

TurisasThere were hints at a possible new album, a possible UK tour and a reminder that buying a t-shirt is a good investment (I must have millions in t-shirt assets by now!).

Turisas”Battle Metal” had the crowd split down the middle: right side shouts “Battle”, left side shouts “Metal”. It worked really well, with the whole room seemingly joining in. The middle of the room got extra amped too, with a lot more movement going on.

TurisasAfter the intensity of “Battle Metal”, we were given a moment to compose ourselves with a very nice violin solo. The physical movements were quite dramatic, and the music had an especially sombre tone and served as the intro for “Five Hundred and One”.

TurisasI haven’t seen them for about 3 years since Hammerfest, so I was very pleased to see they haven’t changed their attitude with numbers like “Stand Up and Fight” rivalling “Battle Metal” for the most active crowd and “Rasputin” answering the question, “Does London know how to dance like idiots?” (I think the answer was a resounding “yes”)

TurisasThe party didn’t stop but did become slightly more reserved as the encore consisted of acoustic renditions of “The March of the Varangian Guard” and “For Your Own Good”. It was a nice way to hear something in a more traditional way. It felt very authentic and the change in mood certainly enhanced the set.

Turisas Setlist:

As Torches Rise
A Portage to the Unknown
We Ride Together
To Holmgard and Beyond
Battle Metal
Hunting Pirates
Five Hundred and One
Stand Up and Fight

The March of the Varangian Guard (Acoustic)
For Your Own Good (Acoustic)

KorpiklaaniKorpiklaani would see us out tonight, pushing the spectrum more towards the folk side of folk metal. With Finnish language songs and an indisputable folk sound, things still felt more like a party than a normal gig.

KorpiklaaniThe pit was jigging more than shoving. The setlist was varied with a good mix of upbeat numbers and a few that were a little steadier to keep things varied.

The crowd were on hand for the necessary “Hey hey hey” chanting at times, with hands raised and the pit going strong as it seemed to have been doing all night.

KorpiklaaniThe set did drift over to the heavier side for a few songs towards the end, with some darker tones and heavier riffs. More of a headbanging vibe than anything, but it gave the set a good bit of space to give our feet a rest.

KorpiklaaniThings got a bit rowdier for the encore, with TrollfesT members coming on stage for “Beer Beer” before finishing the night with “Vodka”.

Korpiklaani Setlist:

Korpikuusen kyynel
Aallon Alla
A Man With a Plan
Kallon malja
Kuin korpi nukkuva
Pilli on pajusta tehty
You Looked Into My Eyes
Wooden Pints

Beer Beer (with TrollfesT)