The Three Tremors – Interview with Ripper Owens

The Three Tremors
The Three Tremors
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Many beers ago there was a summer tour headlined by the then newly-reunited Iron Maiden that also featured a Geoff Tate fronted Queensryche and opening act Halford. From the Metal 2000 tour came the news that Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate and Rob Halford would be forming a supergroup dubbed The Three Tremors. The rumor mill was buzzing at the prospect of the three greats teaming up together… except nothing ever came to fruition. Iron Maiden continued to re-re-re-release their back catalogue, Geoff Tate took to spitting on his band members and sporting a wide assortment of leather vests and Rob Halford developed a fascination with cats and Baby Metal. Fast forward to now-ish and like a true heavy metal pirate; the great Sean Peck stole the brilliant Three Tremors gimmick and added former Judas Priest vocalist Ripper Owens and Jag Panzer’s Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin to the fray. Backed by the rest of the excellent Cage band, The Three Tremors have unleashed their debut self-titled album and are even touring in support of it! I caught up with Ripper Owens to find out more about the new record and also to ask him why he always wears Monster Energy baseball hats in all of his promo pics!

Would you buy a car from these guys?

Wow! Killer music video!

Yes, folks… he loves Monster Energy drink.