Overkill-The Wings Of War

Overkill – The Wings Of War
Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2019
Reviewed: April 2019
Reviewed by: Manos X
Rating: 4.5 / 5

It’s 2019 and OVERKILL are back with their 19th album!! Man I’m having such a hard time digesting this.

Can’t believe it’s 30 years since the time I used to bang my head like crazy under the sounds of  THE YEARS OF DECAY and HORROSCOPE When majority of bands are mellowing their sound and slowing down with the hope of becoming more mainstream or simply because they don’t have it in them carrying the same aggressiveness as in their youth OVERKILL comes and literally wipes the floor with them.

Unless you’re a fan of the band it’s hard to describe the sheer ferociousness and hunger these guys display. Going against all odds they sound youthful and rejuvenated and at the same time so god damn fucking heavy! No they don’t djent, or downtune their instruments to Z or use metal steel wire instead of strings in order to become heavy. They also don’t play blastbeats or growl down to sub frequencies instead the fuse all the elements of heavy and thrash without never neglecting to groove.

Please don’t take my word just check out tunes like “Believe in the Fight” or “Bat Shit Crazy” and you’ll get the point. OVERKILL’s deliverance is in the height you’d expect from a band of that size. Groovy and precise they sound like a well tuned clock and production has helped them by sounding modern and razor sharp yet with meaty guitars and pounding drums.

Decided mentioning one of their secret weapons for last. Actually it’s one of the things you’ll notice after a 30” in any of their albums and that’s of course the venomous Bobby Blitz Ellsworth how grabs you by the face and throws your ass in a mosh pit. His delivery is simply putting it out of this fucking world. From high screams to mid range Ellsworth simply dominates everything. His sound is close to monsters like Brian Johnson, Bon Scott (stop reading if you don’t know who THESE are) to Udo Dirskschneider to Mark Storace. It’s funny thinking about that for years and years I was listening all these vocal coaches giving advises on how to sing properly by not using almost ANY grit because you’d loose the ability to sing. Can’t but laugh since all of the previously mentioned singers are still crushing it and Ellsworth at the age of 59 delivers another performance in heights that majority of trained singers would never dream of reaching.

THE WINGS OF WAR is a great album that continues the killer streak OVERKILL has been sine the release of IRONBOUND It’s hard to describe how a band that has gone through so many line up changes   and all current members are  50+ yet they’re able to sound as hungry and ferocious as monsters like Slayer, Metallica, Exodus, Testament, used to sound in when they started.  And when the newest album is capable of looking straight in they eyes their best past moments then you realize this how big of an accomplishment such a thing is!  Definitely a must have!


Track listing:

1 Last Man Standing
2 Believe In The Fight
3 Head Of A Pin
4 Bat Shit Crazy
5 Distortion
6 A Mother’s Prayer
7 Welcome To The Garden State
8 Where Few Dare To Walk
9 Out On The Road-Kill
10 Hole In My Soul


DD Verni-Bass
Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth-Vocals
Dave Linsk-Guitar
Derek Tailer-Guitar
Jason Bittner-Drums



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