Misery Index-Rituals Of Power

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Artist: Misery Index

Album: Rituals Of Power

Label: Season Of Mist

Year: 2019

Reviewed by  Mr.Metalguy

Rating:  4/5


Misery Index has The Tone – that telltale sound that lets you know you are listening to Misery Index. Every musical act has tone, but not all have The Tone. It really is a magical thing, like an amplified hug, so thanks amplifiers. With newest outing “Rituals of Power,” Misery Index returns to remind you of theirs.

Misery Index has been teasing this release for a full year, releasing the blistering “I Disavow” in February of 2018. Showcasing the tried and true strengths of the band, “I Disavow” made many mouths water at its deft understanding of the Misery Index machine, and what its fans want and expect from that machine. That is important, because as much as art should be made by the artist and for the artist, Misery Index are fans first and foremost (check out Netherton’s fantastic book Extremity Retained for further proof) and it shines through. Describing “Rituals of Power” as “based on what we would want to hear first as fans of this music,” Misery Index have delivered what is easily one of their best and most cohesive albums. The band is pissed off (rightfully so) and firing on all possible cylinders.

Hot take: “New Salem” will be in the live setlist forever, it’s that strong of a song and excellent second single, distilling the riff into a deadly swill of total vitriol and shooting it with no chaser straight into gang vocals. I mean, it made me smile. Yeah yeah yeah something something arms crossed sullen disposition whatever, “Rituals of Power” is a damn fun listen.

Six albums deep and in existence for almost 20 years, Misery Index are showing no signs of slowing down either in output or speed. Just typing that sentence makes me feel like I need an Ibuprofen before something starts to hurt… If you are unfamiliar with their work but enjoy your metal grindy and beefy and with The Tone, “Rituals of Power” is a sterling introduction to exactly what Misery Index is about and really, any further recommendation is purely hyperbole.


1. Universal Untruths
2. Decline And Fall
3. The Choir Invisible
4. New Salem
5. Hammering The Nails
6. Rituals Of Power
7. They Always Come Back
8. I Disavow
9. Naysayer


Jason Netherton – Vocals/Bass
Adam Jarvis – Drums
Mark Kloeppel – Guitar/Vocals
Darin Morris – Lead Guitar