Malamorte – Hell For All

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March 2019
Released: February 8th, 2019 / Rock Shots Records
Rating: 3.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


HELL FOR ALL is the third full-length and fourth release by Italian occult metal duo Malamorte. Whether they are on top of their game or not, it is somewhat of an interesting listen. Formed in 2009 by LV (Lord Vampyr) and SK, both of which have played together in Cain, Shadowsreign, and Lord Vampyr in the past.
The music these guys bring forth is a bit of an eclectic blend. Nothing they put forth is very unique in any way, but the way they blend elements of black metal with NWOBHM and a bit of early-Black Sabbath doom makes for, at times a good mix and at other times leaves you with some questions.
Lyrically, as you can see within the track listing the songs are based around the occult, mysticism, Satanism, and the likes there of. From what I can understand, and the vocals are decipherable and not too badly delivered, the actual lyrics do not seem to be too bad. I mean in the sense of too many warnings for the youngins!
Malamorte come off as more of an early ‘80’s NWOBHM band in the vein of Satan, Bullet, or Angel Witch. Maybe some of their earlier stuff was a bit heavier. I do not know. I can say that this one is also a grower. It did take some better concentration in listening to this one to appreciate what these guys are doing here. And this is only due to the fact that I should really know what they have released prior to HELL FOR ALL.
Overall, HELL FOR ALL is not a bad listen. It has its moments of goodness and it also has its moments of blandness. I do believe that I will be listening to this one for a while longer. Even after the reviews are posted, it will have a spot in the mix. Go ahead and give this one a shot. That is if you are into any of the above mentioned bands. This may not be a winner for all, but it has enough worthy moments to keep in the playlist.

1. Advent
2. Antichrist
3. Warriors of Hell
4. Holy or Unholy
5. Mother
6. Hell for All
7. Son
8. The Worshipers of Evil
9. Satan’s Slave
10. God Is Nothing

SK-Guitars, Bass, Programming
L.V.-Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards