Howls Of Winter VI – Black Metal festival – Tallinn Estonia

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Howls Of Winter has focused on the extreme underground black metal and has offered several killer line-up within these years. The fest itself was arranged in the Tapper club in the suburban of Tallinn. Hundreds of underground black metal worshippers have gathered to testify bands coming from different countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Canada. As for the club Tapper, it breathed and breathers the underground feeling. Several bands have played gigs over there. Metal-Rules.Com made the first visit to the Howls Of Winter VI to testify quite a few great acts.


The local band called Kaev (mean Well) kicked the official day one open. Obviously the band had got the last slot in the line-up of the fest as there was no info available about them. Surprisingly even Metal-Archives.Com seems not to have any kind of info on them.  However, Kaev stood for the black metal approach

Panychida hailing from the Czechia Republic. Their approach was based on the traditional metal with some blackish metal elements. The lyrics were in the language of their own. Therefore the singer explained a little bit about the meaning of each song and lyrics. Perhaps Panychida was an odd choice among all the extreme black metal band.

The local black metal squad named Sungehel hit the stage next. The band consisted of three guys and the female screamer. Well, surprise surprise the name of the game was black metal dealing with the obvious topics. The vocals had been shared between the female and male, and the female growler sounded pretty haunted. Even though the band did their best at expressing the grim sounding metal, however, it sounded a  bit unbalanced and needs more training. The stage presence definitely looked grim and above all, the corpsepaints of the female singer were reminiscent of the black death.

Sortilegia hailing from Toronto is a two-piece black metal band run by a couple. Taking pics turned out to be a bit challenging as lights had been turned off and candlelights lighted the stage. The purpose of using the candlelight was to create the ritualistic atmosphere. The front lady literally sacrificed and burst herself into one sort of trance, when falling down at the stage.


The second day was kicked off by two German names both Wintergeist and Wedard. The first one was Wintergeist playing the eerie sounding blackish metal and later a couple of guys joined at the stage and the gig continued under the Wedard banner.

The Finnish black metal squad Antimateria hit the stage next and brought more atmospheric feeling. Obviously, the green lights were meant to create one kind of gloomy and mystic atmosphere. The Finnish atmospheric black metallers delivered the songs from the debut album VALO AIKOJEN TAKAA. Some Finnish melancholic elements could be heard in their blackened approach.

DarkSpace hailing Switzerland was quite an exciting booking as they don’t present the rawest and most primitive black metal. However the more industrialized black metal approach sounded genuinely raw.  The three-piece did a really splendid job in the brutal industrial approach. Now their computer didn’t start running on its course and managed to keep on track.

And Oceans got the privilege to conclude this year’s Howls Of Winter fest. DarkSpace’s industrialised black metal paralyzed the crowd as the people started leaving the venue. The frontman turned out to be real relentless and at least his speeches between songs were hilarious “I love Power metal- Why ? cos it suxx”… And Oceans did a long set covering a lot of songs.

Summa summarum has black metal changed during the past 30 years? Not that much, these bands of nowadays proudly carry the torch of the black metal approach by having these corpsepaints and dealing the darker things in the lyrics. However some new elements have been brought to the black metal approach such as industrialised elements even though it isn’t a new invention.