Lucifer : Klubi Tampere Finland

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Lucifer and Seremonia

The 72nd of January 2018

Klubi Tampere Finland

Lucifer being a brainchild of Johanna Sadonis started out back in 2014 from the ashes of Oath and Cathedral. The debut album simply called LUCIFER I came out via Rise Above run by Lee Dorrian. Obviously the line-up of the debut album got dissolved as Ms. Sadonis moved up to Sweden and teamed up with Nicke Andersson (Entombed, Hellacopters). The pair started working on the follow up to the debut album and got an entire new line-up and inked a deal with Century Media as well. As a result the somoshone album LUCIFER II saw the light of day. The album has received tremendous great feedback and Lucifer definitely got new boost.

Lucifer landed at Finland for a small club tour, covering three gigs. As for the show in Tampere, the local band called Seremonia had been booked to warm up the event.

Before Lucifer brought the light, the domestic act called Seremonia hit the stage to warm up the event. Seremonia ladles the inspiration from the 70’s psychedelic music and adds their own sounds and approach and the result is truly catchy, hypnotic and magic. Seremonia could appeal to these kinds of people digging that kind of approach and music. The material has some metallic vibes, but it is in the minor part. The band sounded splendid and  to be honest Seremonia’ s ceremonial and more psychedelic approach was a perfect suit to the event.

The second Lucifer album is an excellent slap of psychedelic and doom metal combined together with amazing sounding songs. When the frontlady Johanna Sadonis arrived at the stage, she definitely took over the stage with the strong performance. The set was kicked off by “Faux Pharaoh” and was followed by “Abracadabra”, “Eyes In The Sky” etc. The set covered equally the material from the both albums. Of course the newer material had the important role on the set, as songs like “Dreamer” “California Son” definitely belonged to the set.  Especially the Paul Stanley cover song “Take Me Away ” was a pleasant choice among the Lucifer material. That wasn’t basically a big surprise as Nicke Anderssons is known being a die hard Kiss fan. He (Entombed Hellacopters) switched his place with the guitarist and shared a couple of songs including that Paul Stanley cover.

However Lucifer’s catchy songs sounded splendid and above all Sadonis’ voice sounded beautiful. She basically controlled the stage as other musicians were a little bit in the background. It can be said Lucifer had got influences from Coven led by Jinx Dawson as Lucifer is quite close to Coven’s world.