Kataklysm with co-headline Hypocrisy with support on Death… is just the beginning Tour Europe 2018 at Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Denmark

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Kataklysm – headline act
Hypocrisy – headline act
Death…Is Just the Beginning Tour Europe 2018
The Spirit – support act

Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
12/11 – 2018

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall


Kataklysm and Hypocrisy are out on a joint headline tour through Europe. The tour began in Germany in October 2018, and when it hit Sweden in December, the jaunt was halfway done, ending in Leipzig Germany at the 17th of November. The new Kataklysm album, MEDITATIONS, came out in June while Sweden’s Hypocrisy haven’t released an album since the 2013’s END OF DISCLOSURE. Band leader Peter Tägtgren is a very busy man and involved in Pain, as well as in Lindemann, and if that wasn’t enough he’s also producing a lot of other bands in his Abyss Studio. It’s not often Hypocrisy goes on the roads so I thought I had to take the chance to see them when they stopped by Copenhagen. A lot of bands stopped in Scandinavia this year, such as Within Temptation, Nightwish, Kamelot, At The Gates, The Three Tremors, Hammerfall and The Night Flight Orchestra, with the almighty Slayer still to come. It’s been a good year for concerts.

On this cold and rainy Monday, I took the train over the bridge to Copenhagen to get to Pumpehuset, which was opened its doors at 6.30; with the evening scheduled to end at 11. With about one hour before the show, fans started to gather in front of the venue. I got my media pass and at the same time double checked the rules regarding taking photos because it that got frustrating the last time I was there. The show was going to take place in the larger hall upstairs, which was good; the smaller hall is tiny. I can’t really understand how both bands and fans can fit in there. After a short wait to get into the hall, we were finally let inside to wait for the show to start.

The Spirit

Despite the stage being crowded, which made it hard for the band to fit, they fired off the night with “Sound From the Vortex”. The song was really long and was also instrumental, which made my interest drop immediately. The crowd seemed to like it though and clapped their hands for “Cosmic Fear”, which at least included lead vocals. The members appeared a bit nervous and mostly looked down at the stage instead of connecting with the crowd. “The Clouds of Damnation” followed, and I guess their progressive death metal wasn’t too appealing to me. Members in the band are:

MS – drums
MT – lead vocals, guitar
AT – bass
AK – guitar

The boring music and the lack of stage presence didn’t do much for me. The most positive thing I can say about the band was the fact that they all were pretty good at handling their instruments. “Cross the Bridge to Eternity” followed and it seemed like it wasn’t only me that was into the show; I saw a few more people head to the bar. “Illuminate the Night Sky” followed, after which the singer thanked the crowd and said it was time for “The Great Mortality”.

Luckily, the band’s 30 minutes were up pretty quickly and I began to focus on the next headline act. I’m sure The Spirit did the best they could but I was almost put to sleep by their music. I’ll stop there, leave their show behind and focus on writing about the upcoming headline act.

Set list
Sounds From the Vortex
Cosmic Fear
The Clouds Of Damnation
Cross The Bridge To Eternity
Illuminate The Night Sky
The Great Mortality

Even though Hypocrisy didn’t have much gear on stage, it still took a while to get everything in order, which allowed time for more people to arrive at the venue. About 30 minutes later, it was time for Hypocrisy to take the stage and kick off the night for real.


As the intro played, the members came on stage and blasted off the first song which was “Fractured Millenium”. The song really woke up the crowd! Tägtgren urged the fans to scream for him and barely gave them time to catch their breath before kicking off “Valley of the Damned”. It was full speed ahead for both the band and the fans standing at the front of the stage. I saw a lot of head banging and people jumping up and down. The lighting was quite poor; there were a lot of blue lights which made it hard to take pictures of the band. As well, there were smoke machines on each side of the stage smoke machines that filled the stage with smoke. The line up in the band is made of:

Peter Tägtgren – lead vocals, guitar
Mikael Hedlund – bass
Horgh – drums
Tomas Elofsson – guitar

Behind me a circle pit was taking place as people were going mental. “End of Disclosure” followed; Tägtgren was looking cool as always. He is a brilliant front man and singer and does nothing wrong. “Thanks for coming to see us, it’s really nice to be here”, he said, “It’s been way too long since the last time we was here, which I think was back in 1993. OK, should I speak Swedish or English?”, he asked. It was hard to hear what the fans answered as the band fired off “Adjusting the Sun”. The band unleashed their classic tunes one after another; it was a blast watching them in action again.

Tägtgren smiled and thanked the fans for being there. “Here comes another old song in “Eraser”, he said and the circle pit once again kicked off. The band seemed to have a good time together on stage and everyone moved around. Tägtgren had the fans in the palm of his hands as they did exactly what he told them. “I think we played the next song when we were here the last time, here is “Pleasure of Molestation”. The song was turned into a medley that featured “Osculum Obscenum” and “Penetralia” as well. As he switched guitars, Tägtgren said he thought the small crowd did a great job supporting the band and that he thought they were a great crowd. “Here is “Fire In The Sky”. The song is yet another classic pick from the amazing album INTO THE ABYSS from 2000. As an old fan of the band I think it’s great that Tägtgren revived the band and took it out on the road again. He invited the crowd to scream along with him while the circle pit grew larger as more & more people joined the mayhem.

“Killing Art”, taken from the ABDUCTED album, and “Buried” continued the show as the fans exploded with happiness. Tägtgren looked out on the crowd and smiled. He looked happy with what he saw and said it was time for “War Path”. The band kept impressing me and it was great that they had incorporated one more guitarist on stage which added only more strength and power to the music. Straight away the intro to “The Final Chapter” was heard and Tägrgren commanded the fans to scream with him in the song. He then thanked the fans and the band walked off stage. The fans shouted for an encore and as the stage filled up with smoke the band members returned. The first encore for the night was the epic “Roswell 47”. The fans really loved what they heard as the circle fired up again. Tägtgren and the band seemed to be in a great mood and joked around and chased each other on stage.

“Roswell 47” ended the show and the band thanked the fans from the bottom of their hearts. As a finale, they took a picture with the fans behind them. The crowd shouted for encores but the band had to leave, ending the hour-long show. It wasn’t even 9.30 yet and I thought the show was way too short; on the other hand there was still another headline act waiting to take the stage, so I guess they needed to have a few minutes to their disposal as well, ha ha.

Hypocrisy’s show was epic in every way:, the set list was magic and the show was nothing but great. I’m so glad that I attended the show and was able to see one of my favorite acts live again. The only negative was the poor lighting and smoke on stage but that didn’t bring down the band’s performance. I really hope that Tägtgren decides to take Hypocrisy on another live round so more people get a chance to see them live, this show was one of the best ones of 2018!

Set list
Fractured Millenium
Valley Of The Damned
End Of Disclosure
Adjusting The Sun
Pleasure Of Molestation/Osculum Obscenum/Penetralia – medley
Fire In the Sky
Killing Art
War Path
The Final Chapter
Roswell 47

Everything on stage, including the drums had to be replaced and the crew worked hard to get the gear ready for the Kataklysm. Stairs were placed on each side of the drum and a riser was placed in the middle of the stage.

Kataklysm is a Canadian act formed back in 1994. They released their debut album the same year, titled SORCERY. Since then a string of albums have come out with the latest one being 2018’s MEDITATIONS. Personally, I haven’t followed the band closely, I’m only familiar with them by name and have only heard one or two albums.

After 35 minutes to change the stage gear, the lights fired up and it was time for Kataklysm.


The show kicked off with “Narcissist” which woke up the crowd. Singer Maurizio Iacono thanked the crowd for the support and urged everyone to do their best to make some noise for the band. “Don’t think you can hide, I can see everyone from up here!”, he said and laughed. “The Black Sheep” followed and Iacono stood on the steel box while he sang. Fire burst up to the ceiling from beside the stage, looking really cool. The band’s line up consists of:

Maurizio Iacono – lead vocals
Jean-Francois Dagenais – guitar
Stephane Barbe – bass
Oli Beaudoin – drums

Everyone in the band moved around during the show and worked really hard connecting with the crowd. “Fire” followed after which Iacono said the band had prepared a set list that included both old and current songs. “Now it’s time for “The Serpents Tongue”, he said and a circle pit formed at the front of the stage instantly. Before the crowd had time to catch their breath ,“10 Seconds from the End” followed and it was no question that the band was highly loved by the fans. Iacono said he wanted to see everyone move and the circle pit woke up. He said it was fun to see so many people in the crowd that had come to see the band despite the fact it was Monday. In “Guillotine” he had everyone shout “hey, hey” with him. As the crowd started to get a bit rough, I moved a bit further back in the venue to get away from the mayhem up front. A few rows of people stood behind the circle pit and I estimated the venue to be semi-full. The evening wasn’t sold out, which was strange because I thought more people should be interested in seeing these two headliners.

Iacono once again thanked the fans, saying he loved them and that he loves chaos. “Use this next song to get chaotic!”, he yelled while firing off his personal favorite song, “As I Slither”. “Crippled and Broken” followed as he urged the fans to get their hands in the air. “The next song was taken from the new album”, Iacono said, explaining that the band had been active for 25 years and haven’t changed or compromised with their style. “Despite trends we have stayed true to our music. We are and always will be “Outsiders”. After that it was time to travel back in time to “Manipulator of Souls” which was a crowd-pleaser taken from 2001’s THE POETRY OF WAR. The fans seemed to love both the new and older songs, however the cheers increased a bit when the band announced their classics. The members walked to the side of the stage and an intro was heard, meaning it was time for “In Shadows and Dust”, the title track from the 2002 album. Iacono let the fans take on the first verse, however he wasn’t satisfied and urged them to sing louder and louder. At the end he looked happy with the outcome of the song and smiled.

I was really impressed by the band. The members were all skilled musicians and Iacono had a great voice; the sound was great and contrary to Hypocrisy, the band took it easy with the smoke machine. Iacono asked if the fans wanted to sing with him; “Great, when you’re drunk in Copenhagen you want to sing”, he said and laughed. “Now it’s time for a song that has got an animated video to it, here is “And Then I Saw Blood”, taken from MEDITATIONS. The stage filled up with smoke as it was time for Dagenois to throw a guitar solo. “Scream for me, we are all metal heads here tonight!”, Iacono shouted and the fans all screamed back at him. “Blood in Heaven” followed, after which Iacono thanked the crowd for an amazing night. The next song he dedicated to everyone in the club, “We are all a big heavy metal family”, he said, “and we all are going to be that until “At the Edge of the World”. “Thanks everyone for being here and see you next time!”

That song ended the show and Iacono said the band loved every single fan in the room. After taking a picture with the fans the band walked off the stage and 65 minutes of madness was over.

The clock was now 11.10 and it was time for the club to close and for me to take the train home. Kataklysm impressed me big time and the one that really stood out was singer Iacono. The guys really knew how to take on a crowd and the fans seem to love every single minute of the show. This night was a memorable one and the only thing I have to complain about was the short amount of time both headline acts had. I wanted to hear more!


Set list
The Black Sheep
Thy Serpent’s Tongue
10 Seconds From The End
As I Slither
Crippled And Broken
Manipulator Of Souls
In Shadows And Dust
…And Then I Saw Blood
Blood In Heaven
At The Edge Of The World

Thanks to Florian Milz at Nuclear Blast HQ Germany for help with press/photo pass to the show.


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