Behemoth At The Gates Wolves In The ThroneRoom : Helsinki Finland

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The 22nd of May 2019

Circus Helsinki Finland

The Polish blackened death metal horde Behemoth have gained the truly deserved success after working and touring hard all thru years. The four-piece conquered the Finnish soil at the Tuska Open Air fest back in 2004 for the first time and offered one hell of a brutal and intensive performance at the small tent stage. The show was so breathtaking and testified Behemoth totally sacrifice themselves on stages. Behemoth have become such a big name and managed to achieve the more and more mainstream following. Therefore  having two sold out shows in a row in Finland along with Wolves In The ThroneRoom and At The Gates supporting was quite expected and of course deserved. The on-going tour ”Ecclesia Diabolica Evropa 2019 E.V.” was basically supporting the newest masterpiece I Love You At Your Darkest album. The opus has received splendid feedback and shows Behemoth is able to come up the most barbaric yet catchy tunes.

Before the Polish four piece was ready to throw the Finnish audience to the lions, the first opening act Wolves In The ThroneRoom had been booked to take care of the warm-up slot. The space on the stage for moving was quite limited as well as packed by other bands’ gear and equipment. Therefore the Olympia/Seattle black metal squad had to look after cables and places where to stand. Despite the limited space, Wolves In The Throne Room’s hypnotic and eerie sounding black metal sounded fine. To be honest when Wolves In The Throne have proper playing time and space, they definitely offer one hell of memorable gig.


At The Gates needs no gimmicks when the Swedes enter the stage and plug-in, start nailing songs down one by one.  At The Gates mostly focused on the newer material and had a few cuts from  the SLAUGHTER OF THE SOULS album. The set was kicked off by “To Drink From The Night Itself” and was followed by songs from AT WAR WITH REALITY and of course the SLAUGHTER album. Tomas Lindberg moved on the stage from one side to another, encouraging the crowd go a bit more wilder. However the band  ain’t any visual miracle, instead relying on more traditional dresscode and headbanging.  At The Gates delivered quite routine and safety performance without an unexpected surprise in either playing or setlist.


Behemoth came and literally conquered the audience at the show in Helsinki. The whole show was nothing, but a pure proof of how Nergal and his Behemoth artillery is in the extreme tight and well oiled strike at the stage. Even though the band has crisscrossed the planet and offered real memorable shows all around, but Behemoth shows no slowing down and exhausting in any aspect. The gig just testified Behemoth has tremendous hard working ethics as giving the full 100% force and ultimate self sacrifice of themselves in shows without loosing any note or loosing any passion.

The four piece didn’t remain in one spot playing the set thru as it consisted of different aspects. Above all the frontman and vocalist Nergal’s way of changing the custom time-to-time, reflecting a song in a certain way such as “Bartzabel”. In general Nergal appeared in the flames and to be excited to perform in the front of the Finnish audience. As he praised the audience from the bottom of his heart.The whole band sounded extremely tight. The drummer Inferno work behind the battery was both insane and extremely tight. The set consisted of the material from the three latest releases; I LOVE AT YOUR DARKEST, SATANIST, EVANGELION  and course DEMIGOD and SATANICA. The app 90 minute set was kicked off by “Wolves Ov Siberia” and was followed by a certain amount of songs from those albums mentioned. The audience was definitely in the wild mood as several pits broke out in on the floor.

The band has travelled a long trip from the catacombs of the underground and a support slot for Deicide, Ancient Rites etc to become the dominating and leading name in the extreme black/death genre, still appealing to the mainstream crowd. However the genre needs bands like Behemoth to attract new blood and flesh to come up new bands. As already stated above about Behemoth’s first visit to Finland in 2004 at Tuska, since that visit the band has increased the fan base and gained more and more following not only in Finland, but worldwide. As followed the band since the early days, they deserve to have the ultimate respect for what they are doing and have reached for. However the Polish blasphemers will return to the Finnish soil for the Tuska Open Air next summer, until then – Christians To The Lions.

Wolves ov Siberia


Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer


Ov Fire and the Void

God = Dog

Conquer All

Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica

Decade of Therion

Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

Slaves Shall Serve

Chant for Eschaton 2000


We Are the Next 1000 Years