Wolf Counsel – Destination Void

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Reviewed: February 2019

Released: 2019, endless-winter.org/

Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewer: Courtney Solloway

Wolf Counsel – Destintion Void

I’ll remain as honest as I always do, but here I feel slightly out of my depth. I don’t want to review something that I feel I have no knowledge in, however, I will do my best as always to bring my objective and honest opinions. I don’t listen to doom metal, not usually anyway as it’s never really been something that has piqued my interest – which is a bit stupid as I really want to listen to more things and broaden my knowledge in music. This band seems like a good place to start to be fair however I found myself losing interest at times.

I think part of my reasoning behind this is because I like heavy hitting, fast-paced and rip your face off kind of songs and for me, at times the album was just a bit too slow. The band seem to like to open and close a lot of their tracks with church bells or just church based things which I’m not really opposed to. Plenty of bands such as Black Sabbath have used this in their time but the song always tends to pick up. I think the tempo of the song was matching that of the vocalists well enough but I couldn’t really come to like the vocals. Which is harsh I know but to me, it sounded as though David Draiman (Disturbed) was droning on into a microphone and sounded somewhat bored. I’m sorry but it’s just not my kind of style.

With that being said the album wasn’t all bad. There were moments where tracks picked up and the bassy intros and heavy riffs helped pick it up from time to time but just as it gets better it all stops and turns in a different direction. There are a few good solos scattered within the album but they tend to be overpowered by everything else going on.

However, whilst I’m not a fan this band has experienced success in their career by touring across the world with big names such as Orange Goblin and DevilDriver. I encourage everyone to make their own opinions on this one. There a good and bad points to this album but for me it’s just not hitting the mark.

Band line-up:
Ralf W. Garcia – Bass/Vocals
Reto Crola – Drums
Andreas Reinhart – Guitars
Ralph Huber – Guitars

Nazarene 07:50
Nova 05:53
Mother Of All Plagues 04:57
Men Of Iron Men Of Smoke 05:07
Destination Void 08:05
Tomorrow Never Knows 05:52
Staring Into Oblivion 10:00

Website: www.facebook.com/thewolfcounsel