Slow – IV – Mythologiae

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Reviewed: February 2019
Released: 2019,
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Courtney Solloway

Slow – IV – Mythologiae

This album is hauntingly beautiful. It’s completely unlike anything I have ever heard before. I’ve done a doom metal album this month and unfortunately it wasn’t to my taste, however, this is something entirely different.

From the very start, the album is slow and atmospheric. I typically like music with a strong beat behind it but this album simply doesn’t need one.

This album isn’t new though. It was released in 2015 with only a small number of albums in store that sold out quickly. Unfortunately, due to loss of data, the band lost the vocals and drums and were unable to make any more copied of the album. In 2018 the duo decided that they would go back into the studio and re-record, remaster and remix the album, as well as add a bonus track titled At The Break Of Dawn.

The guitars are heavy and full of distortion playing melodic riffs over the sound of the ringing bass. The drums slowly drift in and out from time to time throughout the songs and album. The synths, violins and orchestral-like elements in each song are probably my favourite parts as they add to the uniqueness and atmosphere in the album. The vocals are deep, bellowing and rough yet at the same time smooth as it matches the music so perfectly. At times the vocals aren’t screams at all, but rather distorted echoes.

The album runs for a whopping 73 minutes spanning across 6 tracks. Usually, when you see an album this long it is spread across more than just 6 songs, however, SLOW like to keep their conceptual tracks running between 10-15 minutes. Each one differently haunting from the other and yet the same in its beauty.

The new track The Break Of Dawn seems to start on more uplifting notes in comparison to the rest of the album before the deep and dark screams start again. It seems to swap between the two themes throughout the song as a battle of light and dark.

I would highly recommend listening to this album in the comfort of your home simply whilst you’re relaxing because you really need to take the time to appreciate and listen to it.

Déhà – Guitars, Drums & Vocals
Lore B. – Bass, Lyrics, Concepts

1. The Standing Giant
2. The Drowning Angel
3. The Suffering Rebel
4. The Dying God
5. Sorrow’s Shadow
6. The Break of Dawn