EXILE – Unveiling Insanity

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Reviewed: February 2019
Released: 2018

Label: Darzamadicus
Rating:  / 5
Reviewer: Courtney Solloway


EXILE – Unveiling Insanity

This album is a dead ringer for 80s thrash metal bands of the past and the band themselves admit this as they view it as the golden era for this genre. Let’s face it they aren’t wrong.

This album is full of heavy riffs with superb distortion and plenty of licks and breakdowns to keep your nerves unsettled. The vocals are rough and are almost reminiscent of James Hetfield in the 80s. Mostly those of the Master of Puppets album. But the vocals also meet those of much heavier bands than thrash.

As you would expect of a thrash metal band the songs are fast and hard hitting, just as they should be. However, some of the songs do sound a little too similar from one to another. They say you can’t have too much of a good thing and ordinarily, I would agree with this, however, I found myself tuning out and losing interest every now and then until a solo came along as it was a little different from the rest.

Tracks like Instru-Mental was where I found the talent lied. From that track onwards I found myself more invested in the album. I’m not sure what changed. Perhaps it was a key change of some kind but it helped rekindle my interest. It also helped that the bass seemed to get much, much heavier from this point on.

All in all, this isn’t a bad album. I wouldn’t say it’s the best nor the worst but it is a decent go to thrash album from the new era. I would like to see a newer spin on thrash metal though. I feel that might re-ignite the spark in the genre and bring it back into a new heyday.


Band line-up:

Nader AL Natsheh: Guitars & Vocals
Ibrahim Khatib: Bass guitar
Mahmoud Tayyem: Drums


  1. City Upon A Hell

  2. Earthly Cloak

  3. Unveiling insanity

  4. Into the Uncertainty

  5. House of fear

  6. Instru-Mental

  7. Twisted (being)

  8. Indulgence in Depravity

  9. Sickening creature

Website: exilejo.bandcamp.com/album/unveiling-insanity