Eglinton, Mark – Lacuna Coil: Nothing Stands In Our Way (Book Review)

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REVIEWED: February 2019
RELEASED: November 2018
PUBLISHER: Rocket 88
RATING: 5 out of 5
REVIEWER: Lord Of The Wasteland

Rocket 88 is making quite a name for itself in the high-end book market. With affordable, all-encompassing memoirs on Dream Theater and Sepultura already to its credit, big beautiful editions of band biographies are offered by the publisher in one of two ways: a standard hardcover “classic edition” with a medium price tag or a limited-run special “signature edition” with a very high price tag. Such was the case with 2016’s Devin Townsend autobiography, ONLY HALF THERE, and 2017’s lavish THE BOOK OF OPETH, which offered fans a choice of the well-appointed “classic edition” or taking out a second mortgage for the “signature edition,” which included getting their names published in the book’s “Roll of Honor” and having their copy personally-signed by the band. Following the success of that venture, Rocket 88 has done the same thing for Italy’s Lacuna Coil, rolling out the red carpet to celebrate the band’s twentieth anniversary with NOTHING STANDS IN OUR WAY.

Since my budget was a little tight to splurge for the $170 signature edition ($250 including shipping to Canada from the UK), I settled for the $60 classic edition, which was still just over $100 after shipping. A person must really love a band to spend that kind of money on a book and Rocket 88 doesn’t market these to the casual reader. These books are for serious fans in search of a special keepsake and Rocket 88 delivers in spades. NOTHING STANDS IN OUR WAY is 224 pages long, measures 8 1/2’” x 11” and is wrapped in a heavy, dark, leather-look cover with gold-embossed type resembling a bible. The pages inside are thick, high-quality stock and in full-color.

The photos have been personally selected by the band and include early promo shots, stage clothing sketches, and early artwork ideas, as well as live and studio photos spanning from 1995 right up to 2018’s ambitious 119 Show in London. There are also many childhood photos and pre-Lacuna Coil era shots setting up the formation of the band. Text is mostly interview-based, with past and present band members chiming in with thoughts and recollections laid out in a linear fashion. Detailed stories of each album’s songwriting, production, recording and subsequent touring is all here, as well. Text is focused primarily on the remaining three core members—Andrea Ferro, Marco “Maki” Coti Zelati and Cristina Scabbia—but longtime members Cristiano “Criz” Mozzati and Cristiano “Pizza” Migliore, as well as former producers, managers, new members and even a fan site webmaster also get their space. Personal revelations from the band include dealing with the death of Scabbia’s parents, Zelati’s passion for cooking, a relentless touring schedule and the difficulty in balancing life at home and on the road. There really is no stone left unturned.

True to its reputation, Rocket 88 spared no expense and really outdid itself with this publication. NOTHING STANDS IN OUR WAY will go down as the ultimate document of “The Gothfathers” as Lacuna Coil’s twenty-year history is lavishly presented and documented here and should exceed anyone’s expectations. This is a gorgeous coffee-table book that any fan not frightened away by its cost can proudly display.

Format Reviewed: Hardcover Classic Edition

Publisher: Rocket 88

Pages: 224