Dimlight – Kingdom of Horrors

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Reviewed: February 2019
Released: 2018, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

With bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse touring the world with their epic fusions of symphonic metal with the extreme putrefaction of death metal, it’s inevitable similar bands would spring up all over the world, and it’s now time for the Greek act Dimlight to be given similar recognition for such work.

Putting this album on, one was reminded highly of Italian band Fleshgod; however, Dimlight lack the operatics of the Italian act – but that doesn’t mean they pack a mean enough punch to wow the listener on multiple occasions. This album is not played at a lightning fast tempo but is bursting at the seams with epic double bass pedals, gritty vocals and mildly operatic backing vocals to set fire to your soul.

In their biography, the band’s concept follows the history and culture of a fantasy kingdom which has been reaped by a war of deities and other-worldly beasts, a very Greek concept given their homeland’s rich mythologies. If Dimlight wants you to know what a battle of epic proportions between gods, goddesses and hero-in-the-making sounds like on record – then they’ve achieved nothing short of a masterpiece.

Roaring fires and molten lava spilling over innocent lands is the best way to describe the music of this album, and the cries and woes of the many people and fantastic creatures caught in the crossfire are conveyed beautifully by how nicely blended the clean vocals are with the harsh.

Overall, you’ll be wanting to check this piece out if you’re a fan of symphonic death metal with mildly power metal lyrics and concept, so give it a whirl if you love Greek mythology, epic tales of adventure and carnage and have moved into the world of extreme metal, having arisen from the melodic.


1. The Red King
2. Beryl Eyes
3. We, the Bones
4. Into the Thrice Unknown Darkness
5. Beyond the Gates of Horror
6. The Ecstasy of the Hunt
7. Tower of Silence
8. Serpents Pact
9. Lapis Animae
10. Bleeding Sunrise

Band line-up:
Mora – Vocals
Peter (a.k.a.Invoker) – Guitars, vocals
Nick – Guitars
Jim – Drums
Marios – Lyricist
Apostolis – Orchestra composer

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