Best of 2018 – John Haseltine

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Top 20: John Haseltine

01.   Amorphis – Queen of Time

Amorphis have been out doing themselves album by album for many years now. While I am not sure Queen of Time surpasses Under The Red Cloud, it is chalked full of instant classics. Very memorable and sing along verses while still holding on to some of that brutal sound they were born with.

02.   Graveshadow – Ambition’s Price

This album shocked me by not only being a great melodic death/power/symphonic metal band, but they are from the U.S. Not necessarily a plus, but a shocker! Within a genre that has been a bit saturated over the years, Graveshadow’s music struck me as the most original sounding while on the boarder of their influences.

03.   Judas Priest – Firepower

The mighty Priest gave us a worthy album that ranks up there with some of their best modern Priest albums. It is amazing how they have released 2 great albums after trying to call it quits. For us fans, let’s hope they have a couple more in them and do not try to streach things out too long.

04.   Icarus Witch – Goodbye Cruel World

05.   Manticora – To Kill To Live To Kill

06.   Blackwulf – Sinister Sides

07.   Doomed – 6 Anti-Odes To Life

08.   Haunt – Burst Into Flame

09.   Loudness – Rise To Glory

10.   Ashes Of Ares – Well Of Souls

11.   Graveyard – Peace

12.   Lucifer – Lucifer II

13.   Blade Killer – High Risk

14.   Sinaya – Maze Of Madness

15.   Saber Tiger – Obscure Diversity

16.   Eyes of the Living – War On Dead

17.   Oubliette – The Passage

18.   Riot V – Armor Of Light

19.   Glanville – First Blood

20.   Crystal Ball – Crystallizer