Best of 2018 – Anders Sandvall

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Best-list 2018

01. Hardcore Superstar “You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘N Roll”
Sleaze/metal heroes from Gothenburg, Sweden does it one more time with this new one piece and it feels like the band is back on track again. Sleaze/metal as well played as this is hard to find and the album might as well be one of the most notable albums in the bands history.

02. Judas Priest “Firepower”
I don’t know what Halford and guys have done but this is one of the best albums the band have relesed for a very, very long time. Sure, the previous album was good but not as great as this one which have the potential to become a future classical piece. Halford sings like the metal god he is and the songs are really strong, for me FIREPOWER is in the same leage as the classic PAINKILLER album.

03. Electric Boys “The ghost ward diaries”
A lot of things have happned in the legendary Swedish funk/metal band camp since that last album. Today the band got two drummers in the orignal drummer Niclas Sigevall and Jolle Atlagic which joined the band in 2015. The new album shows that Conny Bloom and the guys still has it. The album feels fresh but still contains the patented EB 70’s rock n roll essence, in other words, the boys are back in town!

04. At The Gates “To drink from the night itself”
The legendary Gothenburg melodic death metal kings have managed to deliver yet another hard hitting and brutal album. The band can’t do anything wrong at all and this is how melodic death metal ought to sound. The albumd contains great songs, skilled musicians and one of the fearless singers in the world so what can go worng? However it’s sad that one of the Björler twins is missing in action in the band. It’s bands like these that makes me proud to be from Sweden.

05. Deathening “Antifascist Death Metal”
It has taken this Malmoe/Gothenburg band forever to follow up their previous second album but now they’re back and what a way to announce their existence! As the title hints the music is melodic death metal with a message and here in Sweden as for many other of the other European countries we have witnessed the growing of right wing/fascist parties winning ground which feels really scary. Deathening takes on the task to makes us aware of the problem and what they think of the matter. The album is a very important one!!

06. The Night Flight Orchestra “Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough”

07. The Dead Daisies “Burn it down”

08. U.D.O. “Steelfactory”

09. Lucifer “Lucifer II”

10. Hank Von Hell “Egomania”

11. Nils Patrik Johansson “Evil Deluxe”
12. Nashville Pussy “Pleased to eat you”
13. Tad Morose “Chapter X”
14. Saxon “Thunderbolt”
15. Northward “S/t”
16. Behemoth “I loved you at your darkest”
17. Nordic Union “Second coming”
18. Gus G “Fearless”
19. Doro “Forever warriors / Forever unite”
20. Bullet For My Valentine “Gravit”

Best Metal DVD/Blu-Ray

Accept “Symphonic terror/Live at Wacken 2017”
I attended the show and it was magic to see it live at Wacken with the symphony orchestra on stage. This is also the last release including Peter Baltes handling the bass which feels really sad.


Bruce Dickinson “Scream for me Sarajevo”

Volbeat “Let’s boogie! Live from Telia Parken”

L.A. Guns “Made in Milan 2017”

Best EP

Asta Kask “Historien Dömer Oss Alla”


Best Live Album

Volbeat “Let’s boogie! Live from Telia Parken”

Whitesnake “The Purple tour 2017”

L.A. Guns “Made in Milan 2017”

Best Concert

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast Tour 2018 Royal Arena Copehagen, Denmark
What can go wrong when Maiden is on stage!? a new retro tour and once again the band put on a mighty show, Maiden is the best band ever if you ask me.

Helloween – pumpkings united – live at Wacken Open Air Fesival 2018 in Germany
It was a special show with the band performing 2,5 hours that was broadcasted on German televsion, it was a great show to watch and to see all the members have so much fun on stage did the show even better. The band also payed tribute to the late drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg in a really emotional and caring way.

Judas Priest Firepower World Tour 2018, European leg 1 – at Royal Arena Copenhagen, Denmark
The new album “Firepower” is really great and the set lest the band cooked up for the show was amazing. Halford was in a good mood and sang like the Metal god he is. It was really emotional to see Glenn Tipton make an apperance on stage and I could see grown man cry when he and the band once again blasted out their biggest hits together.

At The Gates To Drink From The Night Itself European Tour 2018, first leg – at Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

Warwick and Johnson Sonic Acoustic Attack Tour 2018 – Kajskjulet Hamlstad, Sweden

Venom Inc Blood Stained Earth Tour 2018, European leg – at Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Denmark

My Favorite Discovery of 2018 was…

The Headlines
A punk Rock band from Malmoe,Sweden that I have missed for some reason, I attended one of their shows right before christmas and the bands live performance really knocked my socks off!! “In the End” was released 2017 and have really spend some heavy amount of time in my CD player. I’m really looking forward to hear the bands next effort, luckily they’re currently working on new material…stay tuned


Best Local Band

Is back again with a new album which is a follow up to “Chained in Blood” which was released 2013. “Antifascist Death Metal” is the name of the new piece that includes a guest performance by Johan Rainholdz. This is Melodic Death Metal at is finest, if you are a fan of that genre then be sure to check out Deathening.

Va Rocks
The girl trio from Malmoe released their debut album during 2016 called “Pull No Punches” and personally I feel it’s time for the band to release something new in 2019. Last year the trio only released a single, I want an album for next year.

What is going to happend with the band now that bandleader/guitarist/singer Johan Reinholdz is a part of the melodic detah metal act Dark Trankquility now? I hope he won’t put NonExist on ice.

Disappointments of 2018 

Drummer Vinnie Paul (ex-Pantera, ex- Damageplan, Hellyeah) that left us earlie this year was a huge downer. But know we all can at least know that it won’t be a Pantera reunion ever and I’m fine with that since I don’t want Phil Anselmo to cash in on the bandname. I hope that Vinne Paul and his brother Dimebag have fun meeting again.

Guitarist Damon Johnson left Black Star Riders and it feels like the band have a hard time maintaining a sold line up. All members are stars on their own but the loss of both Jimmy DeGrasso as well as Johnson was hard to read about. I hope that Scott Gorham/Ricky Warwick finds a solid lineup for the band soon.

Motörhead “End of the wörld” more old stuff that is thrown out from the Motörhead camp, what’s the deal with launching old live shows and old cd’s/alcohol/beer/dildos etc? Doesnt’ the bands label have enough money? Let Lemmy rest in peace and let the fans enjoy the music he and the band made together.

Guitarist Mikael Fässberg lost the battle against cancer and is now gone. It was so sad to her about his passing and one of the most well known guitarists in Sweden are now gone. He had played with band’s like Bonafide, From Behind, backup band to Paul DiAnno etc. F###k Cancer…..

I didn’t see Peter Baltes departure from Accept coming and I was really sad when I heard the new. Who is know taking on the center stage along with Hoffmann? A lot of the core of Accept is now lost when Baltes left and Hoffmann is now the only remaining member of the old Accept.

What is up with the pledgemusic campaigns and services like that which bands are now using. A lot of bands that actually have a record deal are using it to make fans pay for their music, why? Some bands are making this an ongoing thing and when one album is out and crowdfounded they start another campaign to found the next one. I will not name any bands here but If you look at any of the sites you see what I mean.

Ozzy Osbourne live at Copenhell Festival 2018 in Copenhagen, Denamrk was nothing to be remotely happy about at all. A mumbeling Ozzy and a shredding Wylde destroyed together all the songs and why did Ozzy do Black Sabbath songs when he was out saying goodbye to his solo career?

It sems that cassette tapes is more and more coming back for some reason. A lot of band’s now start to release music on tapes and I wonder how many formats we need?

NonExist “In Praise of Death” the second EP is only avaliable for download, why!!? I want to have it on cd or on vinyl so I can hear it on my own stereo.

The meet and great phenomenon takes over more and more and the band’s charge money for the fans to meet them which I think is ridiculous. Isn’t it enough that the fans buy tickets, shirts and albums and basically pay the bills for the band?

W.A.S.P live at Copenhell Festival 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark was a sad event to watch. Lawless wasn’t in a good mood and when he didn’t sing Lawless stood with his back against the crowd. And just like on every other show the band still only played songs from the first three albums.

Hopes for 2019

A lot of nice festivals in Scandinavia and in Europe where some of them are celebrating their birthdays. Copenhell Festival is celebrating 10 years and Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany is celebrating 30 years this year.

More new albums will hit the strrets like Avantasia, Evergray, Children Of Bodom, Overkill, Rammstein and Backyard Babies. It’s going to be a good year for metal.

Kiss are embarking on their farewell tour called The End Of The Road World Tour 2019 but hey, do we really belive it’s their last tour ever? Paul Stanley can’t sing anymore so let’s hope it’s their last time on tour.

D.A.D or Disneyland After Dark the danish legends is going to release a new album next year and hopefully a tour across Europe wil follow. A few show dates in Denmark was released and sold out already last year so my hopes are high to see my favorite band in action again.

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals is going out on a European tour with a few shows and play the Pantera songs. The show is called “A Vulgar Display Of 101 Proof”….why!!??? . The only show now in Scandinavia are at the Gefle Metal Festival in Sweden this summer and it feels like the show is going to be a kind of after ski thing and not to be taken seriously. Why does Anselmo want to cash in on Pantera? Leave the band alone!

Demons & Wizards the project with the duo Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth) and Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian) is embarking on a European tour this summer for the first time. I’m looking forward to see the what the duo is up to.

Helloween- Pumkins United – is heading into the studio and record a new album with extra members Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske, that can be somehing to be looking forward to for all power metal fans.

The Hellacopters has announced more tourdates for next year and I really hope they maybe also are going to release some new material..