Slash – Living The Dream

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Slash – Living The Dream
Label: Snakepit Records
Released: 2018
Year Reviewed: 2019
Reviewer: JP
Rating: 3.5/5

For whatever unknown reason, I like to buy music stuff in pairs that are related or sets with some common connection.  It’s just the way my mind works at times.  When I was on a business trip I came across the new Slash album and an older book about Slash so it seemed like a natural fit to buy and review both this month.  Check ‘em out!

For many people they sort of took sides between Guns ‘N Roses and Slash after the split back in the day.   I continued to like both artists but as Slash solo career gets deeper and deeper I can’t help but start to lean towards the guy as he actually is prolific and productive while Axl is not.  Depending how you count, LIVING THE DREAM is Slash’s sixth solo album.   He is on a real roll with four albums in eight years!

I’ve never liked the awkward title of ‘Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators’ , it just doesn’t flow.  However, they do a fine job with packaging and presentation, their evil smiley face character/logo guy makes another appearance on the front cover.  These things go a long way to help establish an identity for a guy who has been drifting through musical projects for 30 years

I read a few people felt his last solo album at 17 songs and 78 minutes was too long.  I don’t understand how that can be but nonetheless, maybe Slash and the boys were sensitive to the criticism because LIVING THE DREAM is a relatively streamlined 12 track, 52 minute album. I was tempted to say that not many bands do this style of Hard Rock anymore, almost a cliché, but I caught myself.  There are dozens, even hundreds of these kind of classic bluesy Hard Rock bands prowling the bars and clubs of North America.  Slash and his band of merry minstrels know how to write a catchy song,  ‘Mind Your Manners’, the lead off track ‘Call Of The Wild’ and my album favourite, ‘Sugar Cane’, all rip.   There isn’t really anything resembling your classic power ballad but on cuts like ‘Lost Inside The Girl’ Myles takes in down a notch and hear him in a lower register in a slower song.  The album is loaded with great Hard rock songs.

I feel the last four solo albums are relatively interchangeable. That is not an insult, that is a compliment, as I just said, all of them are loaded with great songs. The band just keeps churning out a bit of a signature style now and the stable combination Kennedy on vocals and Slash make the whole affair feel more and more like a band, than a mere solo project.  As time goes on people are going to start to pick favourites and LIVING THE DREAM is way up there for me.

Track Listing:

1.”The Call of the Wild”
2.”Serve You Right”
3.”My Antidote”
4.”Mind Your Manners”
5.”Lost Inside the Girl”
6.”Read Between the Lines”
7.”Slow Grind”
8.”The One You Loved Is Gone”
9.”Driving Rain”
10.”Sugar Cane”
11. “The Great Pretender”
12. “Boulevard of Broken Hearts”


Mykles Kennedy-vocals


Frank Sidoris- Guitar

Todd Kearns-Bass

Brent Fitz-Drums