Insanity Alert – 666-Pack

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Insanity Alert – 666-Pack
Reviewed: January, 2019
Released: 2019, Season of Mist
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

“I Come, I Fuck Shit Up, I Leave.” That may just become my personal mantra for 2019.

666-PACK is the 3rd full length from Austrian crossover hooligans Insanity Alert, and it’s exactly what you want out of a record like this. 21 short, fast, and stupid pit worthy gems that harness all of the glory of what made 1987 so f@#king awesome.

You’ve got songs about Cobra Commander, windmilling jackasses at metal shows, Transformers, beer, mosh pits and video games exalted against the musical inspiration of D.R.I., Stormtroopers of Death, skate friendly Suicidal and the Mother F@#king Bee Gees. If it was all just shtick it’d be fun enough, but thrashers like “The Body of Christ is the Parasite”, “Echoes of Death”, and “Two Joints” skank fast and fierce like a wild Indian from Outer Space across 33 minutes of quality old school thrash.

Insanity Alert offer a fresh spin on a classic sound, and 666-PACK is a party you’ll want to crash. Grab your friends, a case of beer, move the furniture out of your listening room, and let the circle pit erupt.



Track List:
1. Thirstkiller
2. The Body of Christ Is the Parasite
3. All Mosh/No Brain
4. Cobra Commander
5. Saturday Grind Fever
6. Echoes of Death
7. Windmilli Vanilli
8. Stop…Slammertime!
9. Why So Beerious?
10. Mosh Mosh Mosh
11. One-Eye is King (In the Land of the Blind)
12. Welcome to Hell
13. Two Joints
14. Chronic State of Hate
15. I Come/I Fuck Shit Up/I Leave
16. A Skullcrushin’ Good Time
17. The Ballad of Slayer
18. Demons Get Out!
19. 8 Bit Brutality
20. Death by Wrecking Ball
21. Dark Energon


Don Melanzani – Drums
The Dave of Death – Guitars
Heavy Kevy – Vocals
MC Brownnose – Bass