Hollow – Between Eternities Of Darkness

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Reviewed: January, 2019
Released: 2018, Rockshot Records 
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Back in 1998 Sweden’s Hollow released one of my favorite albums from that year in MODERN CATHEDRAL. The band would produce one more critically acclaimed album in 1999 before calling it quits due to health issues for singer and guitarist Andreas Stoltz. Fortunately, Stoltz remained active and has decided to resurrect the band as a solo project for the time being. The new album continues where 1999’s ARCHITECT OF THE MIND ended, delivering ten songs of a bruising hybrid of heavy power metal with progressive elements and copious servings of melody. The new album is also a concept album that explores the relationship between a mother and adolescent son whom she tries to prevent from being pulled towards the dark side by peers.

“Travel Far” is classic Hollow, cold and darkly melodic with guitars that wind a twisting path through the tune. Stoltz intermittently blends clean guitars with pummeling riffs throughout the album while soaring above it all with his impressive range, as “Fate Of The Jester” demonstrates. “Say Farewell” incorporates mid-range female vocals to offer subtle color and contrasts to Stoltz’s high range. Drummer Stalder Zantos displays remarkable restraint when required on some of the slower tunes, while deftly pushing others along without overplaying. Stoltz is fond of occidental melodies, and they can be found interspersed through several songs, such as the opening of “The Road I’m On.”

BETWEEN ETERNITIES OF DARKNESS’s comparative brevity helps with absorbing the unforgiving and cold mix that evokes images of a frosty sunless day in northern Sweden. The production unsurprisingly emphasizes the guitars but at the expense of the low end. Despite these imperfections in the mix, the songs are strong, and the delivery is passionate and convincing. It is great to have Hollow back and making new music, and hopefully Stoltz will complete the roster, so the band can tour and spread their music via the live stage. Fans of Communic and Evergrey should find much to like in Hollow’s style of cold power metal.


Track Listing:

01  Travel Far
02  Fate of the Jester
03  Down
04  Pull of the Undertow
05  Shadow World
06  Hidden
07  Calling
08  The Road I’m on
09  Death of Her Dream
10  Say Farewell


Andreas Stoltz: vocals and guitar
Stalder Zantos: drums





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