Greyhawk – Ride Out

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December 2018
Released: October 18th, 2018 / Self-Release
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

“The story of Greyhawk begins in late 2016, when Jesse Berlin, a neoclassical shredder from New York, and Darin Wall, a proud rock warrior from the northern wastelands of Canada, joined forces in Seattle, Washington. Together they scoured the city for fellow warriors who were true enough to join their cause. After over a year of searching, reinforcements finally arrived in the form of Enrico Mariuzzo, another rock and roll shred demon all the way from Italy, and the booming operatic voice of Revere Taylor, who while dazzling audiences at Seattle Opera also yearned for heavy metal glory.”

The above paragraph was copied without permission. It comes straight from their bio-sheet. Haha! Okay, so here we have a new-er metal band to discuss. RIDE OUT is the debut EP from Greyhawk and I must say that if this is just an inkling of what is yet to come from Greyhawk, we as metal-heads will be in for a treat.

This EP is crafted very well. Their style is nothing truly unique in the sense of creativity as the vibe is that of a classic to NWOBHM, but the music itself stands on its own separating itself from the masses. So I guess one could say their sound is unique. Once you become a bit familiar with them, you will always know when you are listening to them.
Rev has a set of pipes on him that are meant for metal with one hell of a range. Neoclassical shredders is an understatement for Enrico and Jesse’s guitar work here. Wow! And to be fair, I have to add in Darin and Nate on bass and drums for holding it all together with some great playing as well.

The tracks on this EP are downright infectious in nature and seem to get the blood flowing. I think I have a favorite new go to! And I am looking forward to following these guys for many years to come.

1. Intro
2. The Abdiction
3. Ride Out
4. Serpent King
5. Wisdom of the Wizard
6. Circle of Heroes

Darin Wall – Bass
Nate Butler – Drums
Enrico Mariuzzo – Guitars
Jesse Berlin – Guitars
Rev Taylor – Vocals