Deiformity – Corpse Stomper

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Deiformity – Corpse Stomper
Reviewed: January 2019
Released: 2018, Self Released
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Here’s the thing about new bands playing Old School Death Metal – you’re not expected to break new musical ground, and it doesn’t even have to be played all that well if it’s done convincingly enough. Sydney’s Deiformity gets this – hell, they revel in it. Their self-released debut CORPSE STOMPER serves up 11 tracks of throwback OSDM that’s comfortable like an old battle jacket and deployed with enough headbanging velocity that the lack of any intricacies or guitar solos won’t even resonate until the album has run its course.

There’s an admitted love jones/fascination/obsession with Bolt Thrower across CORPSE STOMPER, the album’s lead track “Masters of War” is even a tribute song paying homage to the legendary outfit. But the tunes stick pretty close to the blueprints drafted by the OG death metal mercenaries – no frills, rhythm heavy riffs played fast, low, and very, very loud. I also detected occasional nods to mid-90s Corpse and early Masse-era Hypocrisy (I may be reaching there), but it’s all basically cut from the same cloth.

Regardless of inspiration, tunes like “Headshot”, “Battlefield Messiah”, and the title track rage like King Kong jacked up on speed. Speaking of pissed off animals – vocalist Loz sounds like an absolute beast, his death growl is one of the best performances I’ve heard in a minute. And that’s about the gist of it. CORPSE STOMPER is fast, heavy, OSDM that makes no bones about its inspiration and exists only to raze your speakers. It’s a fun listen that doesn’t get bogged down in the details, and sometimes that exactly what you need.



Track List:
1. Masters of War
2. Spitting Fire
3. Headshot
4. Cadaver Factory
5. Belt-Fed Massacre
6. Corpse Stomper
7. Twist the Blade
8. Bullets Ripping Flesh
9. The Body Pit
10. Battlefield Messiah
11. Cloud of Ash


Loz – Vocals
Chris Tuckley – Bass
Paulie Ibbotson – Drums
Rob Piersen – Guitars
Adrian Williamson – Guitars