Graveyard + Bombus @ Scala, London

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Graveyard + Bombus

Scala, Kings Cross, London

5th December 2018

Review & Photography by Ryan Whitwell / Shotison

I felt very fortunate to see and shoot Graveyard at London’s Desertfest earlier this year at Koko. To see them again on their own tour in a more intimate venue, Scala, Kings Cross, felt a little bit more special.

Tonight, Graveyard were joined by fellow Swedish rockers Bombus, whose hard rock riffs bellowed out on stage, amongst the heavy haze of the smoke machine and vibrant coloured lights.


A five piece band with three 6 string guitars, one bass and a drummer all added up to some great layering and rich sounds. At times vocals were taken up by all four guitar wielders, which gave a good chanting sound, like a small gang of hooligans with power chords.


Big head banging beats behind some chugging riffs was a great way to start the evening. The band themselves got their own hair flying when they could.

The crowd was gradually filling the space, and as they did, the atmosphere got a bit thicker with heat and movement increasing. By the end of Bombus’ set, there were very few heads I could see that weren’t at least nodding, and the cheers were getting louder between each song. The crowd joined in with some clapping along for “Horde of Flies”, which featured a great drum solo, before things took a twist into the motorpunk sounding “Enter the Night”.

They ended with “Enter the Fire”, which is almost like 3 songs in one, like a medley of different rhythms. By the second phase of the number the crowd were again clapping along when it suited the moment and really getting into it. Great way to finish the set.


There wasn’t too much of a wait before the headliners came on. Smooth bass lines and bluesy grooves were what I wanted, and that’s what I got!



Each number was well received by what felt like a capacity crowd. There were some dips as the band fell silent between numbers, sometimes for quite a while, or had an odd sci-fi synth noise to fill the gap, but the crowd picked up again when opening chords were hit, like for “Uncomfortably Numb” (which got a sing along during the chorus).


The following song, “Buying Truth”, had bassist Truls Mörck taking up the vocals role. Almost every number had a great toe-tapping rhythm in this set with lots of uptempo heavy blues vibes like “Cold Love”.

Slower numbers, like “Bird of Paradise”, were a nice juxtaposition every so often, but the upbeat songs with fast-fingered guitar solos seemed to get the loudest cheers.


Plenty of creative lighting, smoke, back-light, fast firing strobes; not so great for a photographer, but it elevated the show somewhat. There was not much in the way of showing off or acrobatics as these guys seem to be all about the music.

Walk On
Please Don’t
The Fox
Uncomfortably Numb
Buying Truth
Cold Love
Bird of Paradise
Hard Times
It Ain’t Over

Ain’t Fit