More names announced for Roadburn 2019 including third commissioned project

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  • Tomas Lindberg adds more names to The Burning Darkness including GRAILS and URAN
  • HEXVESSEL to perform All Tree in full
  • Dutch black metal to be showcased in commissioned project MAALSTROOM
  • Aaron Turner, Will Brooks and Dennis Tyfus to unite as DOOLHOF
Roadburn’s artistic director, Walter Hoeijmakers comments:
“We’re thrilled that 4-day tickets have sold out this side of Christmas – with still some of the line up to announce!  Don’t delay on day tickets as we hope that they too will go quickly. We are nearing the end of our announcements, but there is still a handful of bands to present in the new year.”

GRAILS are set to return to Roadburn Festival exactly ten years after they performed at Neurosis’ curated event, Beyond The Pale back in 2009. We’re thrilled to announce that they’ll be making a return to join us in Tilburg – once again as a result of an invitation from our curator.
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“The whole vibe of FONTÄN reeks of folky, trippy melancholia, in the most unsentimental way. This is something that could easily have been produced by Brian Eno in his prime.” says Lindberg of his choice.
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One of three Gothenburg based bands in this latest announcement, Lindberg describes THE EXORCIST GBG as: “a mind and time bending electronic psych experience, with a serious funk dance groove, like the legendary Goblin on dangerous cult-ritual-inducing drugs.”
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When Tomas Lindberg describes a band as Sweden’s best kept secret, it’s time to start paying attention. He comments of URAN: “Imagine the heaviest psych, in a street fight with the most hypnotizing Stooges riffs, with an electronic Kraut edge and a monstrous Hawkwind presence.”
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HEXVESSEL’s new album, All Tree, will be released in February and the sole track released at the time of writing gives a tantalising glimpse of what to expect. It’s considered, haunting and – quite honestly – downright beautiful.Prepare yourselves for some pin-drop moments amongst some soul shaking sonic shifts: Hexvessel are back!
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The component parts of DOOLHOF are Aaron Turner, Will Brooks and Dennis Tyfus. Musically and artistically these three men appear to be worlds apart but look a little deeper and it’s obvious there’s a streak of experimental vigour and curiosity that runs through them all – and in this case, unites them.When the idea of a collaborative project was floated, Turner singled out Will Brooks early on. Brooks made his Roadburn debut with Dälek in 2017; one of the most talked about performances of that edition, Dälek were instrumental in expanding the scope of the festival. Tyfus is a Belgian audio/visual artist whose Ultra Eczema label has served as the nucleus for a vast and eclectic array of creative endeavours.

That its participants have named it DOOLHOF (Dutch for ‘maze’) leads our minds to bubble over with possibilities.
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The third and final commissioned piece for Roadburn 2019 is a collaboration between a seething mass of up and coming – not to mention, vitally important – Dutch black metal bands. The project is titled MAALSTROOM and will unite over a dozen musicians from Laster, Verwoed, Witte Wieven, Turia, Fluisteraars, Grey Aura, Terzij de Horde, Folteraar, Nefast – and more.

Roadburn has showcased slivers of this innovative and burgeoning scene in previous years, but never before has such a heavy and accomplished array of Dutch musicians gathered together under one banner.

Exclusively for Roadburn Festival, MAALSTROOM will compose and perform a piece that spans five movements, with an evolving line-up of performers embellishing an ambient backdrop. This is not merely a show, nor a ritual; it is a current to be dragged along by.

MAALSTROOM is possible thanks to the continued support of the City of Tilburg and Brabant C.

Read more about MAALSTROOM here.

As well as participating in MAALSTROOM the following bands will perform their own sets at Roadburn Festival 2019:
LASTER – read more here
TERZIJ DE HORDE – read more here
WITTE WIEVEN – read more here
DODECAHEDRON – read more here
TURIA – read more here
NUSQUAMA – read more here

BISMUTH bring ethereal doom to Roadburn – read more here
COILGUNS are primed to deliver an ear pummelling – read more here
CROWHURST will bring a world of pain – read more here
CROWHURST & GNAW THEIR TONGUES unite in harsh noise – read more here
FAUNA evoke manifestations of nature and wilderness through the lens of  black metal- read more here
FOTOCRIME  will shed light on a darkened room – read more here
LUCY IN BLUE set off on a psychedelic prog quest to Roadburn – read more here
PHARMAKON will summon disconnecting ambience and caustic crescendos of industrial noise – read more here
THOR & FRIENDS to bring their warm, hypnotic songs to Roadburn – read more here
TWIN TEMPLE’s Satanic doo-wop will reign supreme – read more here
WRONG will deliver angular melody and abrasiveness – read more here

Single day tickets will go on sale on tonight – Thursday, December 13 at 8pm CET/7pm GMT/ 2pm EST.  4-day tickets are SOLD OUT, 3-day tickets are still available in limited numbers.

Tickets are be priced as follows:
3 days ticket (Thu-Sat) €181 + €4,50 service fee
Day ticket (Thu, Fri or Sat) â‚¬62 + €4,50 service fee
Sunday ticket €55,50 + €4,50 service fee

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Anna von Hausswolff
At The Gates
Birds In Row
Black Bombain & Peter Brötzman
Bliss Signal
Cave In
Confusion Master
Conny Ochs
Crowhurst & Gnaw Their Tongues
Crypt Trip
Crippled Black Phoenix
Curator: Tomas Lindberg
Deaf Kids
Deaf Kids x Petbrick
Drab Majesty
Emma Ruth Rundle
Fear Falls Burning
Gösta Berlings Saga
Have A Nice Life
Henrik Palm
Imperial Triumphant
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