The Evil – Aileen & Iossif – Doom/Stoner/Occult metal from Brazil

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The Brazilian metal scene has always offered a lot of great bands from extreme Metal to Power Metal.  However, Doom Metal hasn’t yet reached the stable place on the Brazilian metal map. The Evil is such a new and interesting Doom Metal combo hailing from Brazil. The four-piece doomesters fronted by the female singer Aileen released their self titled debut album in 2017. The album was released by none other than Osmose Productions. It was about time to find out more about this mysterious Doom Metal band. 

The Evil is a relatively new and interesting doom occult metal band hailing from Brazil. I have come across a plenty of Brazilian bands playing different kind of metal, but not that occult-oriented stuff. What kind of response and feedback have you got from the audience there? Have they been wondering what this is all about ?

Aileen: I´m really occultist, but the lyrics aren’t.  I put some spell or a few elements on the shows. The first impression is afraid, and I like it, not cause I´m an occultist, but cause I´m very sadistic person, and I  like this impact a lot. Our fans like this and sometimes they come to ask me what I´m doing, or saying they could understand the lyrics and end. This may part of our mysteries, and I almost don´t talk about everything.

Was it hard to form a band to play this sort of metal ?! How did you find other members to fulfill the line-up of The Evil?

Aileen: This was really difficult. We had a lot of other members and to find THP and Saenger was very, very difficult. We found them for another styles of the music.

Iossif: Well, the Brazilian metal is mostly about fast Death and Black Metal. Almost nobody here listens or likes Doom Metal…. Ha  ha ha..So it was a bit difficult to find the right people.

How did everything start out in the first place?  Where did you come up an idea to have a band playing more doom occult metal ?  Was it a obvious choice of having a female singer with the haunted voice for The Evil ?

Aileen: I think Iossif can talk better about it. When we met one each other, he had this idea first. But thinking about occultism, my way of life turns inside the band. and I passed to use it with my person on stage. It´s may be the part of myself, but it´s not myself. Sorry if this is difficult to understand. And many, many thanks to my voice as it sounds like haunted. This is a great compliment to me, and I really love it.

Iossif:  Well, I always liked the contrast of a very  dark and bass  sound with the treble of a feminine voice. I also wanted a voice like the whispers that we hear in horror movies. So I found Miss Aileen and the matching was perfect!!

How was the name chosen as there are quite a few bands named after Evil?

Aileen:  The Evil represents evil inside humanity. No matter where it is.

Iossif: Yes, there is only one band called “Evil” that I know and it is basic heavy metal from the eighties. I really don’t  think they make justice to the name. We wanted a name that express the reality we live nowadays and “THE EVIL” was the perfect name.

The music of The Evil is described Doom/Stoner/Occult oriented metal. Do you share the same feeling and opinion about how the music of The Evil is described and are you able to define the influences having got a strong impact on The Evil sound?

Iossif: THE EVIL is DOOM with some grains of stoner, but we do not  care much about labels. We would only be described as Apocalyptic Music. That is our main goal, to be the soundtrack to the END OF THE WORLD!!!

Aileen:  I particularly have a lot of influences and I can´t describes everything – from the black metal to  the classic music. What´s oriented metal? Today, there´s a lot of subtitles to metal. When we did the first music I said: “Wow, this is avant garde doom” and just joking as well.

As far as I know the self titled album was released by a label of your own. Was your purpose to keep the rights and keep the control over the release or was it basically an easy way to form a label of your own to release the album and sell a song separately on the Bandcamp site as well ?

Aileen: We’ve never been thinking about gaining something with The Evil. It was only a consequence after signing with Osmose.

Iossif: Yes, we do not want anybody to say what we must or not to do. Also the Brazilian labels nowdays all suck. They do not even want to pay for the studio sessions. So whats the point to be in a label if they don’t help us with anything??? So we decided to do it by ourselves and it was a perfect decision!!!

The debut album by The Evil came out via Osmose Rec.  How did this come about?  Were you contacted by them or how did it occur? 

Iossif:  Well, after the recordings was ready and well received in Bandcamp and in the principal communities for Doom and Stoner Metal overseas, we had inclusive been one of the TOP BANDS at DOOM CHARTS. So we started to send our stuff to almost 10 international labels for getting an appreciation. We had fine answers and interest from 5 of them. OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS had the best proposal and we already knew Hervé. So the choice was easy to make.

Have other labels expressed their interest in The Evil ?

Aileen: We had contacts with other labels. Osmose made the best agreement.

Iossif: Yes, how I said before.

The debut self titled album The Evil was recorded at Engenho Studio in Brazil with Andre Kabelo at the helm. Did you already have in the beginning of the recording the clear vision how the album is supposed to sound or did the Chakal guy bring the input of his own like ideas to you while recording ?

Aileen: We had our idea about everything. But, of course, Magus Andre helped us about everything. He´s the best, ever.

Iossif:  I have  a perfect vision of how it MUST SOUND at the beginning, but Andre could make it happen. He is a nice guy and very motivated and expert to record doom music. Also he is open to experiments and my mind is freaking tripping every time when I am in the studio. So it worked perfectly for us to get the sound we wanted.

What kind process was the making of the self titled debut album THE EVIL and  how did you start working and creating the songs for the debut album?

Aileen:  We started composing in a holiday.  We don’t have that  much time to compose and play, so we did that in our time off. We can´t talk a lot about the lyrics, cause it was an agree between us, therefore we never speak about. After several years we found THP and Saenger and, well, you know the result…

Iossif: We started 5 years ago and it was only a project at the beginning. But when we found the right people (in 2015) the band became a reality. So the composing became really intense and soon the musics was ready to be recorded. We never did a demo tape. What you hear on the debut album was our first studio recording ever….

How long did the recording process last and did everything go as planned in the studio ?

Iossif: It was faster than I might think cause the guys was in fine-tuning. Saenger is a monster in studio. He nailed it fast as shark. I have never worked with a drummer that can record his part as fast and with no mistakes as he did. It was nice. So we had the time extra to put the rest of  the instruments and voices in the way we wanted without expending to0 much money in the recording. Yes, it was everything perfect  in the studio. All nice and brutal as we wanted.

How many different kinds of mysticism and in general, occultism, fascinate and inspire you to pen the lyrics and do you have to be in the certain mood in order to create the lyrics for The Evil?

Aileen: A lot. Not just the ancient, but modern. And that´s all. By the way, the lyrics aren’t only about occultism.They are about the human evil… And occultism, or mystic stuff is not evil, but the humans are.

Iossif: To be true with our lyrics dealing with a lot of real things that happens in this fucking and bizarre world. Some of them are connected with “the occult”, but I think they are really connected with the human essence that is EVIL by nature. To create our lyrics I generally have a theme that hurts me a lot or something that is to bizarre to believe that humans are capable of doing that. Like the theme from SATAN II that is about a Russian Missile that alone can destroy a country as France. It is too bizarre to think that man uses his intelligence, time and money to build something so cruel and destructive. We are really DEVIL SONS living on earth!!!

 When taking a glance at your pics I assume your purpose is to create the mystical hymn over The Evil and have the ritualistic atmosphere at your shows? 

Aileen: Yes, that’s it and scares too. And to make our fans think about evil, and everything you said.

What kind of response have you got from the audience in Brazil?

Aileen: I really love my Brazilian fans. Besides them I have a lot of close friends. I’ve fans all around Brazil, and I received a lot of requests to record music with a lot of another bands. Beyond that, they love our work, and it´s amazing to listen how they like it.

Iossif: Excellent!!! As we said, doom and stoner music is not very popular here, but we are helping to change that scenario!!! We are playing a lot of gigs and festivals with ultra extreme fast bands as REBAELLIUN and SEXTRASH with growling vocals and the response to our SLOW AND CREEPY music with clean and haunting voices has been AWESOME!!! Firstly people seems to be a bit confused to what they are seeing and listening and in the middle of the second song they are with us and enjoying the TRIP to HELL!!! Ha ah hah hah

Speaking of your gigs, how would you describe a gig of THE EVIL ?!

Aileen: A great darkness atmosphere. I really turn myself into the gnosis process…

Iossif: Trippy, Hypnotic, Dark and ULTRA LOUD AND HEAVY

The occult doom/occult rock has been quite popular in Europe. Several European festivals like Roadburn have pushed these bands forward and gained the true cult following. Have you followed what’s up in the European metal world, when The Devil’s Blood, Jess And The Ancient Ones etc basically conquered the genre a few years ago?

Aileen: I think yes…

Iossif: I Like a lot all the bands you mentioned. But my faves are ABYSMAL GRIEF, ELECTRIC WIZARD and ACID WITCH. Also with female vocals I love JEX THOTH and the BLOODY CEREMONY.

As some members of The EVIL have played in other bands as well. has being involved in other bands brought more experience and knowledge how things should be carried in a different way to avoid problems?

Aileen: Sure. We all are old in the music, you know. But we’re like a family. And every family have some problems. But we can solve.

Which albums are the essential ones for the doomesters to have in the collection?

Iossif: FOR ME THE ALL TIME CLASSICS ARE:   TROUBLE – The Skull;  CANDLEMASS – Nightfall; GOATSNAKE – Flower of Disease; ELECTRIC WIZARD – Witchcult Today; SLEEP – The Sciences; ,ABYSMAL GRIEF – Misfortune; ACID WITCH – Stoned and  THE EVIL – The Evil…… ha h ah ah ha haha

All right!  I for one thank you for your time to do this interview for Metal-Rules.Com.The last words are yours ….

Aileen: Many thanks for the interview and every word about our songs, and especially about my haunted voice. Thanks a lot!

Iossif:  Thanx a lot for the intelligent questions. DOOM TILL DOOM!!!!


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