Overlorde Update and New Photos

Hail from Overlorde!

​With 2018 nearing a close, we wanted to drop a line with a few updates.

1) Status: With bassist Bobby Devlin coming on board in May, the band decided to start from scratch with writing songs for a new album. Seven songs are in the advanced songwriting stage and plenty of riffs are available for additional songs.

2) Website Update: The band has done new promotional pictures and overlorde.com has been updated to feature those new shots. Besides the new group photo, the MEMBER pages have new individual photos.

3) Photo Gallery November 10th, 2018: Ever since Brooklyn Metalfest II in June 2007, Overlorde has been working on writing songs for a new album while experiencing lineup changes and other challenges. With band members spread out along the east coast, work was done by swapping WAV files and rehearsing live over the internet using Jamlink. While there was one full onsite rehearsal in 2015, there were only three members at the time as the search for a vocalist was ongoing.

On November 10th, 2018, that changed. For the first time since 2007, Overlorde had four members in one room at the same time! ​ A photo gallery has been created at overlorde.com to mark the occasion.

​”Across the sea amidst the horizon. Overlorde forever binds us!”
​Mark, George, George, and Bobby – Overlorde

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