Steelchaos – Helsinki Finland

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9 – 10 of November 2018
NOSTURI Helsinki


Extreme metal lives and thrives in Finland and this is evident during the weekend of the annual Steelchaos festival at the legendary Nosturi club. The two-day metal event was totally sold out and packed by hundreds of extreme worshipers. The line-up was once again totally incredible offering a great deal of bands from the death/black metal genre. Despite the extremity and brutality, the people truly enjoyed the event and all the bands gave 100%. Having this sort of sold out festival proved that there are fans who love and dig underground bands for sure. Metal-Rules.Com made a visit to the Steelchaos to testify this great extreme indoor fest.


Being an opening band at any fest is quite brutal as a venue can be half empty and the attendance having arrived on time rather focus on starring on a band’s playing. Cavus faced that kind of response, even though they delivered a  blasphemous set of the grim sounding black metal. Cavus had undergone a change in the vocalist slot. The current vocalist tried to kick the audience out of their coma. The band’s black metal sounded raw and barbaric as it is supposed to do. The whole combo sacrificed themselves during the 30 minutes by offering a solid gig.

Galvanizer, being a three piece combo, play old school influenced death metal. As far as the influences are concerned, the guys have definitely kept their ears open for the older stuff of the Stockholm death metal legends. The three piece took the time capsule back in time to those years. The band sounded brutal and offered a 30 minute set of the real galvanized death metal outburst. Good stuff indeed.

Evil Angel was having an anniversary year as the Angels have been spreading all the evilness for 20 years. The band hasn’t been that activate during the past years and rarely seen on stages or released any new outputs. However, Evil Angel offered a most spectacular and night-to-remember show. Above all the frontman’s, Orkku, belts were quite exposed as the golden balls kept swinging while the frontman kept raging on the stage. Several DieHard shouts dedicated to the drummer kept echoing all around the venue, when the band and especially the singer made the audience yell for the drummer. Evil Angel was brutal, but on the other hard, truly entertaining and funny.

True Black Dawn has carved the name into the black metal genre as one of the longest running BM band in Finland. The group’s stage show had been advertised as a “meathook” show. That however is meant as some guy hung as a symbol for jesus on the crucifix, but with the hooks pierced thru his skin. For obvious reasons the interest of the attendance got attracted to the guy hanging in hooks for about 40 minutes. As for Black Dawn’s performance, the legendary black metal squad unleashed a nihilistic black metal set. The frontman Wrarth’s character is definitely insane and more or less lunatic. He spilt the blood on the hanging guy as some kind of ritualistic performance. Frankly that “meathook” show could have been a bit brutal as the SM performance by Bizarre Uproad ended up to the Finnish tabloids…

Armour being a side project by the frontman of Satanic Warmaster, operates in the more traditional heavy metal genre. The heavy metal quartet had picked up influences from the older Accept material.. The second guitarist deserves all the kudos for having the RATT t-shirt. Who could dare to wear a t-shirt of a glam metal band at a  black/death metal fest, the guy deserves all the kudos for that. Of course this was a more having fun and drinking beer and enjoying the retro metal, but however Armour is a damn cool sounding heavy metal combo.

Bolzer is known for creating the sonic rampage with the intensive performance. The set consisted of the material from various outputs with the raging and insane riff and of course melancholic based hymns. The two-man group is extremely brutal in terms of sounds and playing. Even though there is no the bass, both HzR and KzR managed to create such an intensive performance that several bands should take a lesson of it. Bölzer on the stage and their intensive sounds must be experienced personally to feel their ritualistic performance.

Marduk’s most recent album VIKTORIA proved to be one hell of a brutal masterpiece. The Swedish black metal veterans are always in a vicious strike on the stage. So they did again. The band didn’t show any mercy on the stage. The set was kicked off by the “Werwolf” song off the latest VIKTORIA album. The next 60 minute was raw black metal whipping. The consisted of the newer material and of course classic ones such as “Burn My Coffin”. That caused a pure havoc on the floor, when the audience started raging in the pit. Frankly Marduk is Marduk, it is like a well-oiled war machine that doesn’t slow down, just crushing and smashing everything.

It was quite unexpected to see that a lot of people decided to leave the venue after Marduk although Arcturus was about to start delivering the more old school based set. Arcturus got a nice turnout after all. When Arcturus focused on the material of the Aspera Hieman Symfonia album, vocalist, Simen aka ICS Vortex, had covered his head and face with the hood. ICS Vortex as frontman for Arcturus definitely divides the fans to two different camps. However the man pulled thru the set splendid. When songs from La Masquerade Infernale songs were the next on the setlist,  he removed the hood and lived up to the music. Arcturus’ progessive, avant-gardish and even atmospheric black metal with hooks and catchy riffs show how technical and skilled the band is.


Morgal, being the newer generation of the Finnish black metal genre gigs have done a lot of gigs in Finland and gained a tough live reputation. That could be seen when the three-piece hit the stage. Their raging nihlistic and barbaric blackened death metal hit the crowd like a sledgehammer. The filthy and unholy stuff was without any doubts so primitive and raw as the band definitely conquered a new fan base and increased the reputation as one of the most savage live bands.

Azaghal has been spearing the blasphemic tunes for 20 years. They had kind of special gig as the newest album had just seen the light of day. The four-piece hammered the set thru 30 minutes by offering the more basic black metal approach. Unfortunately the sounds for Azaghal were not in the sharpest format as the band would have deserved. However Azaghal definitely stands for the elite of the Finnish grim black metal stuff.

The Czechian black metal legend Root have visited Finland quite often. The band has always pulled off a fabulous show. The frontman Big Boss’ psychics and condition ain’t that well nowadays as he had to sit the part of the set, but his recognizable voice is hard as steel. The band created one hell of a show by offering a great deal of songs from various albums. Even though members have come and gone, but sounds of Root can be identified. Of course the older songs got the wildest respond. Root, to be honest, was bloody awesome indeed.


The Ruins Of Beverast is known for having slow and heavy riffs songs. The whole set was basically one same continous song from the beginning to the end. The band’s performance was quite expressionless in the blue light.

Impaled Nazarene never disappoints and never shows mercy. The band led by Mika Luttinen has always been grim, nasty, raw and barbaric. The legendary cyber-sado-nuclear-black-metaller hammered with a brutal touch the audience down. The response was definitely brutal as hell. The audience went totally berserk, raging in the insane looking and violent pit. Impaled Nazarene’s was a real blitzkrieg of the known songs such as Sadhu Satanas, WinterWar. Due to the limited playing time, several other classic ones had to be cut out. Impaled Nazarene once again testified why they are still relevant and brutal on the stage.


Primordial has created the loyal and even fanatical fanbase in Finland. The Irish pagan blackish metallers have made several visits to Finland during the past ten years. The packed Nosturi club was another piece of evidence of how strong the Finnish support is for Primordial. The Irish paganists have hardly ever done a weak gig, unless the king alcohol has taken over. The frontman truly lived up to the performance thru the whole set. His shouts “Are you with us” sounded a little bit hilarious, but obviously A.A. Nemtheanga was in trance, encouraging the audience to join the paganism ritual. Primordial’s guys definitely rather stay more in the background whereas A.A. Nemtheanga is able to bustle all around the stage and off the stage. The Irish pagan metallers’ intensive and passionate performance was a good way to conclude the two-day event.

Steelchaos 2018 was definitely an amazing experience and above all it was totally sold out. That definitely shows that  extreme metal lives well in Finland. Underground followers are loyal to these kinds of events therefore its not uncommon to see a huge amount of people who traveled from other countries. Therefore it is more than obvious the organization of Steelchaos and Steelfest definitely has an ace in their sleeve as far as booking bands for the next SteelChaos event. Before that Steelfest is the next in the line.