Copenhell Festival 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark

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When we woke up to the final day of the festival we read that legendary Pantera drummer and founder Vinnie Paul passed away. So sad to read that yet another icon is gone; rest in peace Vinnie. As an old Pantera fan, Anders was really sad to read about it. We really hope that he and Dimebag are having fun together wherever they are.

Today, the plan for us was to be at the festival around 3, however things got delayed. This time, we had to wait for the shuttle buses to take us there and we arrived at 3.40, still in time to see the maniacs of Steel Panther go on stage at 4.15. Steel Panther are out touring on their latest album, LOWER THE BAR which came out last year. Even though their lyrics are pretty juvenile, the guys do it for fun and mean no harm. The band only brought a backdrop and their gear, which felt a little cheap since they were performing on the biggest stage. Since the stage was so high, it was hard to see the band from the photo pit and that, coupled with the huge number of photographers in the pit, made it a bit difficult to take pictures of the band.

Steel Panther

“Eyes of a Panther” kicked off the show on this hot afternoon and the fans warmly welcomed their idols. Straight away “Goin’ In the Backdoor” followed and singer Starr wanted the fans to scream for Satchel on guitar. The line-up in the band is:

Michael Starr – lead vocals
Satchel – guitar
Lexxi Foxx – bass
Stixx Zadinia – drums

Starr and Satchel both ran across the stage, leaving Foxx alone and confused on the other by himself. It took a while for him to understand that he should also be running with them. The two ran back to the other side leaving Foxx alone again as Satchel took the mic to say “Thank you, we are Steel Panther!”, and got ready to leave the stage. Zadinia took his mic saying, “Hey man stop, we got another 6 songs left to play!” “OK, my bad”, Satchel said. He asked how many fans liked heavy metal and as all the fans shouted Satchel said, “Look, even the little girl in the audience with headphones wants to kick Justin Bieber in the balls. Heavy metal rules, fuck Beyonce and Jay Z! When I started the band back in 1985 and hired Michael I knew we would be big. We have sold almost 100 albums world wide and we did that even though Michael has a small dick!”. The band started to sing a song about Starr’s small dick after which Satchel said, “That was one of the new songs on Slayer’s new album. I got some good news for you he continued, I got some new spandex pants and some new hair today. Just so you know my grandmother lives nearby and she used to cook meth for everyone. I also know how to speak Danish – visa dina bröst – which means show your breasts. We got the world’s best bass player in Lexxi Foxx, there’s a movie made about him, it’s called 50 Shades of Gay. Now let’s move on with the show, here’s “Asian Hooker”. Satchel talked so much it was impossible to write down everything he said, but he sure was funny.

The three front men all worked hard to get the crowd going and seemed to be having a lot of fun. Starr said it was time for some more music in “Just Like Tiger Woods” and the fans all sang along and clapped their hands. At the end, Starr threw his hat up to Zadinia who tried to catch it on his drum stick but missed, and the guys had to do it again until he finally caught it. “Thanks guys, you’re the best”, Starr said, “and I’m not saying that because I’m high on ecstasy”. “Poontang Boomerang” continued the crazy show and next up was “Gloryhole” during which all of the fans sang along. It felt like this song was the one many had been waiting to hear. The song was the third single from the very good ALL YOU CAN EAT album. It felt like the band’s older songs worked a little better compared to the newer ones.

Satchel wanted the fans to give a shout out for Michael. “It’s hard to believe he’s 77 years old and still sing this good”. “Well”, Michael said, “I’m only 76!”. The guys wanted the fans to scream for Vinnie Paul, one of the world’s best drummers! Then Zadinia jumped down and joined the rest of the guys on stage. Starr said it was time for a girl to join them on stage. The guys pointed at one of the girls in the crowd and told the security to help her up. Starr said that she was his step daughter and asked for her name but he couldn’t hear her so he chose to call her “the hot girl from Copenhagen”. A sign had been thrown up on stage which read “SLUT PRIDE”; the irony of it all is that it was an old man in his ’70’s carrying it, a fact that Starr made sure to point out.

An acoustic version of “Girl From Oklahoma” followed during which the girl on stage participated. Starr and Satchel urged the fans to sing louder and louder and as a finale Starr handed the mic to the girl and had her sing the last words of the song. “If there are any other girls that want to come up on stage, this is your chance”, Starr said. The stage started to fill up with girls. Satchel asked how many of the guys in the crowd that had taken their wives and girlfriends with them to the festival, “Well, you’re going to regret that now!”, he said and laughed. “Community Property” followed in which the fans sang the first verse together with Starr. The stage was so jammed with people it was hard to see the band members. Finally the song was over and all the ladies were led off stage and it was time for “Death To All But Metal”. The fans once again sang along in the chorus; it seemed like the song was a real crowd pleaser. Starr wanted the fans to clap their hands for everyone in the band and the fans thanked the band by chanting “Steel Panther, Steel Panther”. The audience wanted to hear more but the band walked off the stage having used all of their allotted 55 minutes. Why play for only 55 minutes when you’re on the biggest stage of the festival? Again, in previous years all bands on the big stage have played for at least 90 min., but not this year for some reason.

The guys really put on a show this day; it’s never boring to watch Steel Panther. The fans loved the show, however we thought the parts where the band members talked were a little too long. They could have squeezed in maybe one or two more songs. Still, the show was fun and it was nice to see that the organizers had the courage to book a band like Steel Panther.

Set list
Eyes Of A Panther
Goin’ In The Backdoor
Asian Hooker
Just Like Tiger Woods
Poontang Boomerang
Girl From Oklahoma
Community Property
Death To All But Metal

Some band called Kellermensch was about to hit stage at 5.15 but we’ve not heard of them so instead we went for a walk around the festival while waiting for W.A.S.P. to begin their show.

The only remaining original member in W.A.S.P. is leader and founder Blackie Lawless. For many years now the band has performed in smaller venues and is no longer a headline act. For a while now the band have been working on RE-IDOLIZED (THE SOUNDTRACK OF THE CRIMSON IDOL) which is a re-recording of the classic album THE CRIMSON IDOL from 1992. The original intention was to release a movie along with the album but that didn’t happen originally. Instead it’s going to be included on  this re-recording so we can look forward to both a CD and a movie.

Through the years the band has gone through a string of drummers in Stet Howland, Mike Dupke, Patrick Johansson, and Randy Black to mention a few. Anders’ opinion regarding the W.A.S.P. of today is that he’s lost all interest and faith in the band a long time ago. Today’s version has nothing to do with the original group and Lawless only seems to become crankier and harder to deal with as he gets older. Ulrika’s outlook is slightly more positive and was looking forward to seeing the show. Boy was she going to be disappointed….


The band made their way on stage to the tones of air raid sirens and fast clips of the bands hits through the speakers. The show began with “On Your Knees” and “Inside the Electric Circus”. Lawless seemed to be in no mood to be on stage and hid behind big sunglasses while standing towards the back of the stage. The band’s line up today consists of:

Blackie Lawless – lead vocals, guitar
Doug Blair – guitar
Mike Duda – bass
Brian Tichy – drums (session member)

The band ran through a fast version of “The Real Me”, which is a cover by the old Who song. This version ended with Lawless screaming into the mic. He asked if Copenhagen was ready, and said that all he needed was his “L.O.V.E Machine”. The song woke up the crowd and they sang along and jumped up and down. When Lawless wasn’t singing, he turned his back to the crowd and watched the drummer. It felt like “The Doug Blair Show” because he was the one keeping the show rolling. It was only because of his efforts that the show was watchable. Lawless put on his most stubborn and negative attitude towards the crowd; we don’t know what could have pissed him off so that he acted like a cranky kid. Maybe it was the sun shining in his eyes?

While Blackie still stood with his back to the fans, a siren blared and it was time for “The Idol”. When it was time for a Blair’s solo, Lawless once again headed back to the drums. “Arena of Pleasure” followed and they played a really long version of the song (9 minutes), maybe not the smartest move. But maybe they did it so they wouldn’t have to play another song, God forbid. Just extend the songs with long solos so you don’t have to play anything extra, Mr. Lawless!

Another intro was heard and it was time for another long tune in “Heaven’s Hung in Black”. Both Lawless and Duda stood frozen at their mics, having something of a “not-communicating-with-the-fans competition”. It was a tie between them. Contrary to all the previous shows at the festival, the crowd acted really calm and mostly clapped their hands and sang along. Session drummer Tichy seemed really nervous and didn’t take his eyes off Lawless when he stood with his back against the crowd. Another classic pick from THE CRIMSON IDOL was next with “Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)”. At the end of the song the band tried to get the crowd screaming on their command, which didn’t go well. We bet the rest of the crowd were as disappointed with the show as we were. It’s hard to find any gusto to sing and stay positive when you only want the band to leave.

Lawless said, “I’m a wild child!”, and of course it was time for “Wild Child”, after which the fans clapped and screamed for another song (?). “Aren’t you satisfied yet?”, Lawless asked and said that the band were going to play one more song before they left. It was the band’s big hit “I Wanna Be Somebody” that was the final show piece. Again, it felt like the band rushed through the song, a common theme for the performance. Before the song ended, Lawless divided the crowd into two parts and it was time for the fans to sing towards each other. For the first time during the show, he took off his sunglasses. An extended outro ended the song after which Lawless thanked Copenhagen, “See you next time!”, he said and then the show was over.

Unfortunately the show was the worst one we saw at this year’s festival. It felt like another day at the office for Lawless and it felt like he totally disrespected the fans by turning his back to them. He wasn’t in a good mood at all and it took Doug Blair to save the show. Lawless seemed moody, Tichy seemed nervous, and Duda was totally invisible. This was a really poor show.

Set list
On Your Knees
Inside the Electric Circus
The Real Me
L.O.V.E Machine
The Idol
Arena Of Pleasure
Heaven’s Hung In Black
Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)
Wild Child
I Wanna Be Somebody

It was time for another break as our feet and legs were somewhat tired by now. We decided to ditch the Corrosion Of Conformity show at the Hades stage and instead went to the RIP bar and grabbed something to drink and hang for a while we waited for the first headliner of the night: Helloween – Pumpkins United. Since the band was going to draw a huge crowd, we made sure to be back in front of the stage well in time for the show to start. A huge video screen was placed at the back of the stage, showing a pumpkin of course.

The latest studio album from Helloween came out in 2015, titled MY GOD GIVEN RIGHT. The next year brought us the message fans had been waiting for: old members Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen were going to re-unite with the band and head out on a world tour that kicked off October 2017. The tour was called Pumpkins Untied World Tour 2017-18 and the guys even released a download EP titled, PUMPKINS UNITED which as of is December last year was available to purchase on vinyl. For Anders, this was one of the main reasons the festival was so appealing this year; what can go wrong with both Hansen and Kiske back in the band?

The closer it got to show time, the more people arrived and the entire hill in front of the stage was filled with fans. Luckily the time went by quickly and suddenly it was time for the German power metal legends to make their entrance on stage.


After the intro that led up to “Helloween” all of the members showed up and the fans screamed from the top of their lungs when they saw everybody gathered on stage. It was really hard for Anders to see anything from the photo pit, the only ones he saw was the trio at the front of the stage in Weikath, Grosskopf and Gerstner. Both Kiske and Deris stood way back at the stage dueling the song against each other. The stage filled up with smoke and the screen at the back showed a moon and the bandname, the backline was really thought through and looked great. Almost immediately followed “DR Stein” with Kiske and Hansen standing together at the front of the stage, Deris stood way back shouting hey hey come on Copenhagen. Deris said good night Copenhagen are you feeling fucking good? It’s incredibly fun to be here, thanks for having us, it’s my first time at Copenhell and let me introduce Daniel Löble and Michael Kiske for you. Deris walked off stage and it was time for “I’m Alive” with Kiske on vocals.

“If I Could Fly” brought down a massive amount of cheers from the fans and the screen showed a bird that flew over various landscapes. Deris invited the fans to sing along with him on the chorus. Since the song is a personal favorite for both of us, we really enjoyed hearing it live. Deris thanked for the support and said it was now an honor for him to introduce the man that started everything back in 1984, “which makes him the oldest one here tonight”, he said and laughed. “Here is Kai Hansen!” Hansen came out asking if Copenhell was doing fine this night. “It’s fun to be here, are you ready for some heavy metal now? I want to see everybody’s hands in the air in “Starlight”! When fans heard the intro with “Happy, Happy, Halloween”, everyone screamed aloud. “Ride the Sky” followed as well as “Judas” and the songs all turned into a medley. The medley was intense and fast and when all four stood at the front of the stage, it looked really cool. Hansen had the fans shout “hey, hey” and the show felt like a never-ending party. The line up in Pumpkins United is:

Michael Weikath – guitar
Michael Kiske – lead vocals
Andi Deris – lead vocals
Kai Hansen – lead vocals, guitar
Markus Grosskopf – bass
Sascha Gerstner – guitar
Daniel Löble – drums

“Heavy Metal (Is the Law)” followed and Hansen had the fans shout “heavy metal” three times in the middle of the song. He ended it by saying “Copenhell, we keep on fighting!”. Deris came out again saying, “I told you that Mr Hansen is crazy”. ‘Scream for me Copenhell and scream for Mr Hansen, show us you got a shitload of “Power”. The band’s logo was shown on screen along with a twisting wheel that showed pictures of the band members’ faces. The band members all joked around with each other and it seemed like everyone loved being on stage together. Their good mood rubbed off on the fans; the show was nothing but a love-fest. Deris said he had a short story he wanted to share with the fans. He said that when he had heard the up-coming song for the first time, he thought he could have written it because he thought it was so good. “But I didn’t write it, my good friend Michael Weikath wrote it, here is “How Many Tears”. Everyone but Hansen, Weikath and Gerstner walked off stage. The trio sat down and ended the song together. But that wasn’t all, the rest of the band returned and the song continued again and ended finally with Kiske holding a long note. The stage turned black and everyone again left the stage. When they came back, the intro to “Eagle Fly Free” played as Kiske and Hansen took care of the song together. The band lined up one classic tune after another and it was an experience to see the three singers together on stage.

The epic “Keeper of the Seven Keys” continued the show and now that darkness started to settle over the area, the band’s amazing back line show came into its own. Deris and Kiske took on the first part of the song together and when Kiske lost the lyrics and laughed Deris picked it up, urging the fans to give a hand for Kiske. The original song is 14 minutes long while opening track “Helloween” is 13 minutes long. For the live versions, the band shortened them. After “Keeper of the Seven Keys”, Hansen asked the fans wanted to hear more. “I just heard that Germany are taking the lead in the soccer game over Sweden, so there’s still hope”, Hansen said. “Come on, I want to see everyone clap their hands in “Future World”. Kiske took care of the lead vocals and he invited the fans to sing along with him. As soon as the song was over, “I Want Out” followed and ended the show. The band threw out huge orange pumpkin balls on to the crowd which bounced up and down as Kiske divided the audience in two sides for the standard sing along contest, with Kiske’s team on one side and Deris’ on the other.

The 75-minute concert was an epic showcase in how power metal should be executed. It was so fun to see the entire band, current and former members together and enjoying themselves. Kiske’s voice was in such a perfect condition and the three front men had great chemistry between them. The only negative thing was the narrowed down version of “Keeper of the Seven Keys”; we wanted to hear more of it. Otherwise this show was the most fun one during the festival. We don’t remember seeing any other band laugh so much before.

Set list
Helloween (short version)
Dr Stein
I’m Alive
If I Could Fly
Starlight/Ride the Sky/Judas – medley
Heavy Metal (Is The Law)
How Many Tears
Eagle Fly Free
Keeper Of The Seven Keys (extra short version)
Guitar solo Kai Hansen incl. ”In The Hall Of The Mountain King” and ”Flight Of The Bumblebee”
Future World
I Want Out

Even though there were a lot of people at the festival today, there were fewer compared to the previous day when Ozzy performed, so it was a little easier to move around. It was now dark, the perfect scenario for Satyricon on the Paendamonium stage. It clashed with Alestorm, who were performing on the Hades stage, but we chose to see Satyricon. The Norwegian legends began their career back in 1991 and are the first Norwegian black metal band to land a deal with a multinational record label. Their latest album came out last year titled, DEEP CALLETH UPON DEEP.


As the intro played, the band walked out on stage and kicked off the night with “Midnight Serpent”. The stage filled up with smoke as the song proceeded. While the rest of the band stood solid on their spots, Satyr moved around as the fans clapped and cheered. “Our World, It Rumbles Tonight” followed and Satyr had the fans clap their hands. The live band consists of:

Satyr – lead vocals
Frost – drums
Azarak – guitar
Neddo – bass
Attila Vördös – guitar
Anders Hunstad – keyboards

Besides the blue and red lights there was also a lot of smoke which made it hard to take pictures. Azarak, Vördös and Neddo stood mostly in the dark while Satyr talked and connected with the fans. “Black Crow On a Tombstone” followed and there was no doubt the audience loved the band. Satyr said he knew that the majority of the people at the festival were Danes but asked if there were any Norwegians there as well. “The last time we performed in Copenhagen was 18 years ago together with Pantera at KB Hallen. The 6 weeks we spent together with the Pantera boys was valuable for us because we learned a lot and therefore we cherish that time and we salute Vinnie Paul tonight, may he rest in peace”. “Deep Calleth Upon Deep” and “Now, Diabolical” followed and the ecstatic crowd’s support showed no sign of slowing. Satyr let the fans take care of the chorus and everyone sang loudly, making Satyr proud. “To Your Brethren in the Dark” followed and he had the crowd in the palm of his hand. It was really cool watching the crowd’s dedication to the band and their music. “Mother North” followed and Satyr let the music do the talking since the band had a limited amount of time on stage.

“The Pentagram Burns” followed and the tempo kept up the intensity; Satyricon is surely and energetic and heavy live machine. “Fuel For Hatred” and the majestic “K.I.N.G” ended the show. As the members took off their instruments they thanked the fans to end the performance. The band put on a great show that contained some really great songs coupled with a committed band and fans. The band gave proof of why they are one of the best Norwegian bands ever.

Set list (not in order)
Midnight Serpent
Our World It Rumbles Tonight
Black Crow On A Tombstone
Deep Calleth Upon Deep
Now, Diabolical
To Your Brethren In The Dark
Mother North
The Pentagram Burns
Fuel For Hatred

And so was it time for us to wrap up this festival with a final visit to the Helviti stage to see Ghost. Since Ghost is one of Ulrika’s favorite acts she had been waiting for this moment pretty much since the start of the festival. The stage had turned into a church with huge windows on each side and a long staircase in the middle. On each side of the stairs were podiums where keyboard were placed. The Swedish act began their career by releasing their highly acclaimed debut, OPUS EPONYMOUS back in 2010. The band has won a lot of awards through the years and their brilliant new album PREQUELLE was unleashed in June this year. It’s no secret the band has changed lead singer and pope in between each album and today the band is fronted by Cardinal Copia. Last year the band went through some legal trouble when past members sued for money. A court decision on the case will be awarded later this year.

Anders has never been a fan of the band and has a hard time defining what kind of music they play. He never has been keen on the mysticism that surrounds the band with different pope-singers and the nameless ghouls on instruments.


Everyone but lead singer Cardinal Copia showed up on stage and started by playing the “Ashes” intro from the new album. When “Rats” began the Cardinal showed up. The ecstatic crowd sang along with the Cardinal as smoke billowed on stage. The stunning “Absolution” followed and there was no doubt that the band was welcomed by the enthusiastic audience. Three of the nameless ghouls stood at the front of the stage and two stood on the each side of the stage; there was also one playing keyboards and two female ghouls singing back up vocals. The Cardinal worked really hard with the fans to get them going, which was easy since everyone was ecstatic from the moment he arrived on stage. He sure is a true showman. The line up in the band is:

Cardinal Copia – lead vocals
The rest of the instruments and b-vox was handled by various Nameless Ghouls

Cardinal said, “Good evening Denmark, here comes “Rituals”, and the sing along began. He wore a suit and a mask which made it hard to see his mouth moving. It felt a little weird not being able to see when he sang or spoke. The epic “From the Pinnacle to the Pit” followed after which the Cardinal said the band was going to entertain us for the next 90 minutes. “We have recently released a new single called “Faith”, clap your hands for it.” After the song he walked off stage and one of the Nameless Ghouls did the guitar intro “Devil Church”, after which the Cardinal returned at the top of the stairs in time for “Circe”. The instrumental piece “Miasma” from PREQUELLE followed and the saxophone part was handled by former lead singer Papa Nihil, who appeared atop the stairs. It looked a little funny but the fans loved it and it sure was a memorable moment to see.

Ulrika’s favorite song, “Year Zero” followed and she wasn’t the only one looking in awe at the band. The entire stage filled up with smoke and red lights, looking amazing. The intro “Spöksonat” followed straight away and the Cardinal walked off stage. He returned again and fired off “He Is” which is another great tune that everyone enjoyed. The Cardinal stood and sang at the top of the stairs looking majestic. He asked if the crowd were getting cold and if they have had a good time at the festival and introduced all of the nameless ghouls on stage in a humorous way. His speech took a while and everyone clapped their hands and screamed in appreciation when he introduced everyone.

“Mummy Dust” followed while confetti poured down on the crowd, heightening the show. The set list was a good mix between both older and current songs and covers. The band’s done quite a few covers and now was it time for their rendition of Roky Erickson’s “If You Have Ghosts”. The Cardinal urged everyone to clap their hands and asked if the fans wanted to dance with the band in “Dance Macabre”. He asked the fans if they wanted to hear yet another song, and when everyone shouted “yes!”, the band fired off “Square Hammer” and “Monstrance Clock”. Those two excellent songs marked the end of the show.

The epic show lasted for 80 minutes and even though Anders was quite satisfied with that and thought it was good the show was over, Ulrika wanted even more. The show was absolutely worth waiting for, at least for Ulrika, and even though it felt too short she was really ecstatic with what she witnessed. As for Anders, the show was just another day at work. 

Set list
Ashes (intro)
From The Pinnacle to the Pit
Devil Church (intro)
Year Zero
Spöksonat (intro)
He Is
Mummy Dust
If You Have Ghosts
Dance Macabre
Square Hammer
Monstrance Clock

That show ended our stay at the festival and it was time to head home from Refshaleoen and Copenhell. The festival was, as always, a pure joy to visit. Everything, from getting to the festival, to getting the press passes, to buying food, and the sanitation was top notch. The organizers deserve credit for once again putting together the best festival in Scandinavia! We didn’t see a single fight or anything like that this year. Even though people drank a lot of alcohol everyone was happy and there to hang out with friends, listen to good music, and enjoy themselves. Although it was a good that the festival took a fee on the glasses and saved a lot of trash, maybe next year they should think about having a more solid version of the plastic glasses because this year’s were very soft and broke easily.

A not-so-great thing for the festival to consider for next time are having staff members direct people from the shuttle bus station to the grounds. This year there were long lines of people waiting and many resorted to cutting the line. Also, this year the two videoscreens beside the Helviti stage were put vertically which made it a little hard to see properly. The main stage was also really high up which made it hard for us photographers to take pictures. If possible it would also be great if the organizers could send out emails regarding which bands don’t allow photographers in the pit a little earlier, even if they were a bit better about this year than in the past.

Overall the festival was as great as previous years and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the 10th birthday next year. The festival has branched out and now the organizers also host an annual Copenhell Metal Cruise at the end of the year which travels between Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway. At the beginning of every year there is also the Copenhell Freezes Over event which is a one-day festival with new acts. Next year the festival will be held from June 19th to 22nd; because of the big anniversary, we bet they’ll have something special up their sleeves.

So, thank you Copenhell for yet another magical year with a lot of great music, great atmosphere, and people. I was the first time in 8 years it didn’t rain, also something worth celebrating, ha ha. 

The best bands of the year were Kreator, Helloween – Pumpkins United, Arch Enemy, Ghost, and Danko Jones. The ones that left more to wish for were W.A.S.P., Graveyard, and Ozzy Osbourne.


Thanks to head of press at Copenhell Festival Mikkel Mo for the help with press/photo-pass to the festival.

Big thanks to Jeppe Nissen at Live Nation Denmark for the help.
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